How to Improve Your Live Chat Service: Chat Scripts

Live chat on websites is mostly used for sales and customer service. Technical support mostly requires technical knowledge, but how to make sure that your sales operators perform good job?

Service interruptions – a word from our CEO

Today, HelpOnClick clients experienced service interruptions for long periods of the day. This is one of those rare cases I’ve come across during my 8 years of managing HelpOnClick and I’d like to be transparent and shared our experience with you.

Less expensive and most reliable customer service support software

Businesses grow on the basis of customer relation; therefore, you need to build strong connection with them. It will not hurt your budget at all but eventually yield you excellent results. HelpOnClick has developed great customer service support software for online businesses and online projects that would meet the customer expectations just as they want and they would receive top quality service from you. Customers usually have to ask questions before they make a purchase and after sale services are even more important as supporting customers with problems is said to be the finest gesture to show they are being appreciated. Similarly, chat application on Facebook by HelpOnClick lets you focus on the existing customers and assists you to make new ones then and there. You can engage visitors in discussions and get useful suggestions from them to improve the standards of the business. Facebook application can be more beneficial for small to medium business and enhance the satisfaction level.

HelpOnClick Live Chat is Extended with New Features

We’ve just released a native live chat application for Android devices, and we have some more great news this week. We have improved customization options, and now you can have separate pre-chat fields, email and other settings for each of your website; and we have added new automatic invitation rules.

Let HelpOnClick Boost Your Business

HelpOnClick has developed amazing software for you that would be helpful in elevating the business success. The real time live chat software once integrated on Facebook will fetch more traffic to your website and thus increase the number of sales. You will see numerous benefits with the chat software by HelpOnClick. It needs no installation, just a simple block of code will be pasted to the website and there you go live. This is just one way to transform the profitability of your business if you’re starting to see a dip. This is an issue that a lot of companies face from time to time so it’s important to come up with a plan of how to ensure continuous improvement. There are lots of companies that can help you to do this, like eMRI who offer six sigma training online, just one of the approaches you could take. Live chat is a great step in developing an effective customer service which is another strong approach.

HelpOnClick Live Chat For Android Devices on Google Play!

We’ve been waiting for it for several months, and here it is: live chat application for Android devices has been released! And it’s absolutely free for all HelpOnClick subscribers.

Optimize the power of social media; use application for Facebook chat

Do you wonder what social media can do for your business growth? Well, social media is the most powerful channel that can provide your business lead generation, increased traffic, promote business and keep in touch with the customers and make new ones. HelpOnClick being a wise company gave the businesses a simple and easy web based solution to do the above mentioned activities more efficiently, using the benefits of Facebook. Application for Facebook chat is an amazing tool that be conveniently integrated on Facebook business pages. Simple installation will allow you to provide excellent service to the existing customers, and prospective customers. Application for Facebook chat will give advice to the customers and they can reach out to you without any hindrance. Facebook is a low-cost tool which when combined with HelpOnClick technology give a way to communicate with the visitors, customers and prospects.

Live Chat Plugin for the Most light weight CMS- Joomla!

It’s a mission! To make it completely impossible! Any technology to exist that HelpOnClick does not have a plugin for! While we are up to something like that, can we forget Joomla? I don’t think so! HelpOnClick provides live Chat plugin for Joomla to make it easy breezy to integrate a super live chat solution to your Joomla powered website.

Find out More about Your Customers – HelpOnClick Integrates with Google Analytics

Customers are the very purpose of a business, therefore, the more you know about them, the better. Now when the HelpOnClick live chat software is integrated with Google Analytics you have a great opportunity to learn more about your customers.

HelpOnClick Plugin For The Free As Well As Priceless CMS: WordPress

Whether you gain a sale or lose one, a slightest edge over your competitors can decide that. Today’s markets are highly competitive. We live in world of touch-tone customer service support software, where live chat integrated to a website definitely makes your business stand out. When a competitor has not made use of the fact, you can give your prospects the ability to chat with a live person, address their queries and turn them to long term customers. If you are looking for a crucial selling point that gives you upper hand over your competitor, its live chat!

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How to Improve Your Live Chat Service: Chat Scripts

Live chat on websites is mostly used for sales and customer service. Technical support mostly requir...