New Addons: HelpOnClick Live Chat for SalesForce, Highrise and ZOHO CRM

Today, most businesses, no matter how small or large they are, use specialized software to manage their customer relations, contact syncing, lead management, sales, accounts, and so-fourth.

CRM software has been around for quite a while, helping us keep all our customer information in one place. Integrating customer emails within the CRM, for instance, is a useful feature, when you want to know what happens with a specific customer and what needs to be done about it. If you provide Live Chat support as well, then a conversation is as important as an email and you might want to see the chats on your customer profile too.

HelpOnClick Makes Things Easier: New Video Tutorials in Our Help Section

We, at HelpOnClick are constantly working on making things better for our users. Now, we’ve improved our Help Section, by adding video tutorials for implementing some of the most used features of our software.

Help Us Provide You a Better Service – Mobile Apps Mockups Waiting for Your Feedback

You’ve probably been waiting for this as much as we did, so here it is! Our developers have prepared the first mockups for our future mobile apps. Soon, we’ll be releasing native mobile apps for Android, IPhone and IPad and we’d really appreciate your opinion about the first “sketch”.

New Feature – Social Buttons

After launching the new Facebook App, HelpOnClick has now developed a new feature, to enable users to provide social interaction to their customers, through the Live Chat system. Users can now add social buttons to their Widget and Chat Window, so that customers can Like their Facebook Page, Follow them on Twitter or on Google +1.

Live Chat for Business Performance – The New HelpOnClick Industry Focus

While developing an easy to use Live Chat Software, the HelpOnClick Team has also been working on helping businesses increase their overall performance, customer base and sales volume.

New Addons – Add HelpOnClick Live Chat to 3dCart and LightCMS

As our users’ integration needs are growing, the HelpOnClick Team has been keeping up with these needs and has now developed new integration addons, for 3dCart and LightCMS. So, if you are using one of these platforms, keep reading this post to see how it works.

NEW Feature: Integrate HelpOnClick Live Chat with Facebook

Communication is key for any business; and today, Facebook has become the ultimate realm of discussion and interactivity. People always want to be offered an easy way to get in touch. If you come to think about it, users are not so likely to leave Facebook to go to your website to call or email you. It’s not too convenient for them.

Live Chat Software for Shopify, by HelpOnClick – Available on the Shopify App Store

If you are among those who have been waiting for a possibility to integrate Live Chat with your Shopify Store, then today is your lucky day! We are now proud to announce our brand new Shopify App, which you can use to integrate HelpOnClick Live Chat within your Store.

Integrate HelpOnClick Live Chat with your CS Cart online store

If you’re a regular visitor of the HelpOnClick blog, then you may already know that we’ve been working constantly on upgrading our Live Chat tool with more and more integration possibilities. If you have missed our most recent updates, check out our Addons section, where you will find all our integration tutorials.

Now, HelpOnClick comes with a fresh integration tutorial, so you can add Live Chat to your CS Cart online store.

Here are the steps you can follow, so that your chat will be up and running in just a couple of minutes:

HelpOnClick Integration with BigCommerce, Kentico CMS and ZOHO

In an effort to provide our users with a better service and lots of integration possibilities, we have again updated our plugins section, with three new tools, which will help you get maximum benefits, by integrating Live Chat with your website.

So, here are some great new tutorials to integrate Live Chat with:

BigCommerce  Kentico CMS  Zoho Help Desk

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