Comparing virtual agents and frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Custom support solutions have come a long way from the traditional bunch of technicians. Now, as businesses focus on clients there is a need for faster interaction. Two such common examples are that of virtual agents and frequently asked question (FAQs).

6 Creative Ways For Companies To Use Live Chat

For businesses that require a strong customer-company relationship to survive, live chat solutions are crucial.

Keep Calm and Handle Customer Complaints

Building and maintaining relationships with customers is crucial for the success, profitability, and growth of a business. A core part of customer relations is handling their feedback and complaints.

Create a Pleasant Live Chat Experience for Your Online Customers

Live chat software is a technological solution that has allowed businesses and organizations to facilitate their online customers conveniently and in a timely manner.

Live Chat Agents About to Be Replaced With Virtual Agents?

It is a question that is gradually strengthening in echoes in the chambers of customer service. And, a report by Gartner has only added to the pitch of the tone:

The Formula for Marketing Success—Your Customer Service Team

Starting with the question of the day, we would like to ask you:

Which factor do you believe is the most important in determining the success of a marketing team and its marketing endeavors?

Live Chat Sessions Need to Be Structured on the Brand’s Voice

You have a powerful live chat software solution online 24/7 on your website.

You have an able team of live chat agents that know how to keep customers engaged during a live chat session, furnishing helpful and knowledgeable content—the exact information that they are seeking for, in an empathetic tone.

How to Reduce Wait Time When Talking to a Customer via a Live Chat

Your customers want you to respond quickly to the question they have asked.

Improve Customer Service Operations with Help Desk Software Solutions

Almost every other competitor in the business world is using the same technology, the same practices, and the same knowledge-based principles to deliver high quality products, and that too in bulk.

Top 4 Skills that Characterize Profile of Successful Live Chat Agent

Many business organizations believe that leveraging the use of a powerful tools is what confers them superiority in their operations, when in fact it’s the knowledge leveraged to use that tool which actually support an operation.  Same goes for live chat software solution.

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