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Matthew StensonConcordia University Wisconsin

HelpOnClick software helps to provide on time support to university students. Watch the video testimonial from Concordia University.

Eric KohnMeet Your Psychic

Great Service and Great Price We were searching for an affordable solution to our chat needs on our website. We found that the unlimited operator option was perfect for our needs as it gave us room to grow at a flat price. During set up, we ran into a few issues that were addressed and figured out in a reasonable amount of time (even through we are on the other side of the world from each other). I would recommend this product for any business that has multiple operators. Also, the service has many pro features you would not normally receive at this price point.

Sasha ShternBath & Granite 4 Less, IT

Chat allows us to communicate with our clients HelpOnClick’s Chat app has allowed us to easily handle customer questions. We’ve reduced call volumes and increased customer service. At first our chat volumes were low but then we setup auto invitations and things really ramped up. Unlike many other chat providers HelpOnClick offers a desktop client. This allows sales staff to not be dependent on their web browsers. It looks more professional over all works better. I only wish we had done this sooner. I recommend help on click for anyone looking to get into chatting with their website users. The price point is very reasonable and allows us to test things out without fearing new big expenses.

Meagan GarrettTrampolines USA, Inc - Webmaster

I receive compliments on this program from both sales staff and customers! I originally chose HelpOnClick so that we could implement photos of our sales staff for a more personal touch with our customers and because our prior chat system was outdated. Every question that I have had from my initial visit to the HelpOnClick site to almost a daily inquiry, the amazing Lori is there to help answer any question I have and Nicoleta is quick to respond to my emails both with patience and courtesy. We have this on all of our websites and we LOVE the fact that we can monitor the customers path, especially when we receive an initial question saying, “How much is this?” We automatically know what they are looking at and can view the page they were on. It is also such a time saver to see what the customer is writing so that we may think and begin responding beforehand, removing the time lapse and surprise of their next response. Since we added the automatic chat invitation, we receive 20+ chats a day, creating so much more additional revenue and loyal customers, in fact, since writing this review, we have already received 2 chats. The archive feature helps us review and go over past chats and see who said them, helping us know what was said for future reference and the desktop notification makes accepting and responding a breeze. Everything about this system is amazing and I would recommend this to anyone. I feel proud knowing that I chose this system as I see all the archived chats stating that this chat system is cool and easy as well as our sales staff who compliment it daily. HelpOnClick is a phenomenal program for a phenomenal price with no hidden fees, the price you see is all that you pay!

Tommy WilkinsonJadu Ltd

Best in terms of functionality and price

Paul BrownKenberne, I.T. Manager

The Best Cost Effective Live Help Chat Solution On The Market Today My Name Is Paul and I’m the IT Manager for an online retailer, Our company supplies Home appliances to 1000`s of customers every year, From Range Cookers to Washing Machines. We decided to make our website more interactive and seek out a cost effective live help program so we could speak to customers who are browsing our website, should they have a quick question they need to ask such as ‘Do you have this item in stock’ or ‘when could i have one of these delivered please?’. After trying a few free options it was clear that to get something a little more professional we would have to find a paid solution which offered a number of operators to be online at the same time. Let me tell yo u there is some very expensive options out there that cost far more than HelpOnClick for one operator, never mind 3 which is the package we opted for. Almost immediately we closed a few sales while taking to our customers, who were also very impressed that they could speak directly with a member of staff and get the answers they needed there and then rather than wait for an email response. For out of hours Use, HelpOnClick sends the query to your email so you can reply the next day or that evening if you so wanted to. All in all its been a very positive experience and one that could benefit any online retailer. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks Paul


Good customer service tool We have been using various online chat software. We have found that HelpOnClick has won our choice of tools to use for service support. provides several methods for customers to contact us with, including Online Web Form Message, Online Chat Service and Telephone no. We have found that HelpOnClick has some useful features including:
• Fast response rate, this is very important for us, as many companies offer the same service but the server take ages to response.
• Clear / easy interface for customer to start the chat.
• Good reporting facility that we can monitor the performance for each agent that we employ.
• The software has a good notification including beeping sound as well as screen alert.
• Best of all, the price is also quite affordable which make is an even more attractive package.

Carl ConnettExtra Mile Data, Owner

Great Support, I highly recommend HelpOnClick.

Joseph ShepardSystems, Senior Tech

HelpOnClick has made our jobs ten times more efficient After installing the chat module, we are able to spend more time fixing technical issues and assisting our clients with what they need! Before we started using the chat, we where on the phone with new signups and training calls. After the install, we are able to address multiple issues at one time, so our productivity has gone through the roof and my time has freed up tremendously. Thank you.

Juliea HuffakerResponsible Pest Control

Boosted Sales from Day 1! When we saw that we were getting thousands of hits each day on our website, but wondered why more didn’t covert to sales, we decided to add HelpOnClick! It was SO easy to install and use! Not ONLY did visitors to our site comment how they LOVE this feature, BUT our sales increased DAILY directly from HelpOnClick!!

Yegor VolnyyDuet Internet Projects LLC, manager

Our clients enjoy our support

Scott CrewsSynergy FlowArts, Owner

Easy to use and well worth the price! I think that there is a huge advantage to allowing customers to be able to chat you up right on the spot. I know that as a consumer, it can totally make or break a sale if I have a question that can be answered immediately.

Daniel PeacockProperty Secrets, Director

Great Service!! HelpOnClick has been a great addition to our website and enhanced our sales force to deliver better results ensuring we are always contactable via the simplest of routes. Affordable and simple to use, I’ve been really impressed with the service and will continue to use this HelpOnClick has been a great addition to our website and enhanced our sales force to deliver better results ensuring we are always contactable via the simplest of routes. Affordable and simple to use, I’ve been really impressed with the service and will continue to use this

Dwayne BondNational Driver Training, Software Developer

Works great! Outstanding work! We love this software. It has enabled us to allocate a half dozen employees to take care of our current and potential customers, without them having to call in or submit a ticket. This has really reduced the calls in to our office and I think the employees really do like it better than speaking with people on the phone. This service is instant, and I really think we are gaining sales because of it.

Michael MustoAmerican Internet Domains LLC, Owner

Confident and Secure Ever since installing HelpOnClick on our site, I have become confident that customers and potential customers will find the answers they are looking for, and not leave the site frustrated. From a customer’s perspective, it is simple and easy to use! And that is important.

Hubert IrvinMyRepublic, Customer Care

Increased our productivity regarding sales, product and technical support We started our company last January, and calls were overflowing that our call centre reps were having a hard time attending these sales calls. We seek for several online support and we believed that HelpOnClick was the right Chat application in answering our service level agreement. We tested one account. And now we purchased unlimited account since our company has grown much larger. Chat Support using HelpOnClick increased our productivity regarding sales, product and technical support. Our company is very delighted in purchasing this application and we will promote this product to other companies. For the past 9 months, we never experienced downtime of this superb application. More business to HelpOnClick! Good Job guys!

Dirk McCoySpendbot, Inc.

Great for fast setup of full featured instant support tool I’m aware of research that shows that customers are many times (10-20) more likely to convert if a request is followed up within five minutes, as well as about half of consumers expect their customer service issues to be handled within five minutes, so I knew we needed live chat for our very powerful but somewhat complex solution. After much research, we picked HelpOnClick as we didn’t want to download and install anything and the reviews were all good. Simply setting up the account, setting up websites/department/operators, setting up the type of widget and adding to our page code… and we were ready to go. There are so many features, and what we really liked was the ability of the customer to select a local support person. Logging the chats and having pre-written responses is also very helpful. When showing our site to potential employees, savings partners, and investors, they were all very impressed by the chat support, some even saying they were surprised at how much time and money we had put into chat for a new company. I decided not to tell them we got started for under $15

Michelle Beaudet-Smithe-mend Software, President

Met all my needs So far, HelpOnClick is the only live chat software that I have found that meets all my business needs including: Ability to use on several websites but monitor from one system Social Media tags Saving the history and contact information Saving common responses Alerted by sound on incoming chat Leave e-mail when operator not available and much more. Thanks for helping my startup get off to a great start!

Butch OxendineAmerican Student Government Association

Our members use HelpOnClick every day! Your HelpOnClick service has been a great help for our ASGA members to get in touch with us quickly and easily. Every day, some of our 1,200 member institutions ask questions about our upcoming conferences, how to join ASGA, or ask for help with their membership, passwords, or adding new members. Some even communicate with us to get live advice during their meetings, so it’s like having us there in the room with them. We always tell them we’re based right here in our Florida headquarters offices and aren’t farming this live chat overseas. It has been great and makes them feel connected with us, even though we may be thousands of miles away!

Richard EmanuelShopifybuilder, founder

Increased conversions and great support! I’m a webdeveloper and I’ve came across alot of livechat services but onclick is the most affordable and has great features for it’s price point. I recommend it to all my clients, who now have it present on their site.

Adrian DrysdaleCreating Wealth Through Real Estate

Live Chat That Works Thanks to HelpOnClick we were able to better communicate with our audience. We experienced a 35% increase in ticket sales after we installed HelpOnClick. Technical support was able to help us seamlessly get the technology to work. We can’t thank you enough.

Santanu PrasadDesign@Trimarketer

Converts Visitors into Money Hello Everyone, I want to share my story of experience with HelpOnClick When I first started by own Web Design business, I had to do a lot of things to get traffic to it . After a few months I started getting traffic and i was monitoring it. I saw that upto 500 Visitors use to come to my sites and i had like only 5-10 Request a Day for Web Design. So I need a solution to get those visitor convinced and that’s where HelpOnClick came. Its Application gave me notification when anybody visited to my site so i can invite them to chat and talk instantly, This helped my sales increase by 65% which is very much. Thank You Very Much HelpOnClick!

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