5 Signs You Need Website Chat Integration for Your Business

When you think of website chat integration, you’re also likely to think of an e-commerce business. The assumption is not wrong. Any reasonably sized e-commerce business will rely on website chat integration for interacting with its customer base. But is that where it ends?

What if you’re just starting out in the online business world? Does website chat integration continue to serve you then? The answer is yes. As important as website chat integration is for an upscale e-commerce business, it is also useful for freelance professionals, SaaS business owners, and other businesses having an online presence. Let’s take a look at some major signs that reflect your need for website chat integration.  

Website chat integration on ecommerce website

Too Many Unsuccessful Conversions

New online businesses can find it hard to lead their customers through a successful buying journey and achieve conversion. If you have too many abandoned shopping carts, incomplete sign-ups, and abandoned checkout pages, then it’s likely you need website chat integration to find out the problem. According to an AMA report, if you manage to engage website visitors through website chat integration, they are 3 times more likely to buy. 

Trouble Formulating a Growth Strategy 

A problem that has a bad impact on startup success rate is that startups have trouble determining the needs of their clients and the features that they would find useful. Website chat integration helps you gain direct access to client opinions or concerns through web live chat application like the messages and videos.
Troubleshooting their issues in real time can help you develop your products much faster as well. You can gather information regarding bug reports, feature requests, pricing policy, and the value proposition of your product. This can help you formulate a realistic growth strategy and proceed accordingly. 

Going Solo 

If you happen to be a freelance entrepreneur and don’t have a support team, live chat can help you market your products, provide customer support, and build useful connections. You can also set up operating hours and improve the efficiency of your customer service. 

Product Complexity 

If you sell a product that is complex in nature due to its various features, integrations, pricing plans, and add-ons, then you definitely require website chat integration. Given the complex nature of the product, it will be hard for you to convince visitors purely through strong content on your website or through an effective FAQ section. If a customer cannot understand the full features of your product, how they work, or the pricing plan to opt for, using website chat integration can help save the day. By resolving their queries in real time, you can convert this website visitor into a customer. 

Expensive Products 

Selling expensive products online comes with its own challenges. People need assurance about product quality and the security of the transaction before purchasing anything that is remotely expensive. They might still take a risk with low-priced products, but costly ones require a little more effort from your end. Website chat integration can be a determining factor when they are making a decision about the final purchase. You can answer their questions, address any concerns, and help them make a decision in your favor. 

Having website chat integration is vital for online businesses today help you improve the overall customer experience. Besides, it also provides you with unique insights that can help grow your business.