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Date of Last Update: March 2019

These Terms and Conditions of www.helponclick.com (the “Site”) shall govern the use or visitation of the Site by any Users and shall be binding as a legal contract been the Site and the User (the “Terms”).

The Site shall have discretion to update and revise the Terms as it deems necessary. As such, User should review the Terms both during his or her initial visit and again on a periodic basis to check the Terms for any updates. The date provided at the beginning of the Terms will serve as a reference for Users to know when the Terms has last been modified.

The User’s access of the Site shall serve as an agreement by the User to abide by and be bound by the Terms. If the User does not agree with the Terms in its entirety, the User must cease use and/or visitation of the Site immediately and is no longer permitted to use or visit the Site following the point of disagreeing with the Terms.

As the Terms are legally binding on any User of the Site, any and all Users must be at least 13 years old. If a User cannot meet this age qualification for user of the Site, the User must stop using the Site immediately.


“Site” refers to www.helponclick.com and its personnel, owners and affiliated parties.

“Users” refers to any individual that uses, visits or engages the Site, its services or products in any way or form.

“Terms” refers to these Terms and Conditions of the Site.

1.    Services Provided by Site

The Site provides services to its Users as described to Users across various pricing and service offering pages listed on the Site. By signing up for these services and paying the appropriate fees associated with the services, the User will be granted a limited license to use software developed by the Site on the User’s website or platform. The Site will provide the licensed software to the User and the User may integrate the software with the User’s website or platform, but the User is not purchasing the software itself. The Site has full discretion over the functionality and contents of the software as the sole owner of the software. User shall not have any claims to rights or possession of the Site’s software. Users agree to be bound to the Terms and use of the Services only as follows:

  1. Use of Services

Users are only allowed to use the services ordered from the Site for their intended business use and may not be used outside the purpose for which the services were originally purchased. If User wishes to modify the purpose for which services are rendered, User must contact Site to place a new order for services.

User is responsible for creating access to the Site and its services through appropriate internet service. Site is not responsible for providing User with internet service and is not liable if internet service fails to function properly.

User will be responsible for all information, text, data and other content related and submitted to the User through the Site’s services and licensed software.

User is not permitted to use the services or licensed software of the Site for the purpose of hacking, phishing or otherwise unlawful or unethical behavior.

  1. Consent from Third-Parties

Site is not liable for any use or disclosure of content shared with User from third party customers. User shall provide appropriate notice and seek out required consent from customers with regards to the collection and use of any data of these customers by the User.

  1. No Sharing of Accounts

User is required to create an account and login credentials for his or her designated use of the Site’s services. User is not allowed to share his or her account with other users accessing the Site and will be held liable for any purchases, damages or fees associated with the User’s account. Only User is allowed to access and use services purchased from Site through the User’s account and any deviation from these Terms will be grounds for immediate account cancellation without refund.

  1. System Capabilities

User is solely responsible for researching, verifying and ensuring that the system the User will be using to access and use the Site’s services through is capable of running the Site’s services at its recommended performance levels. Site will provide User with minimum and recommended capabilities of the system running the services.

  1. Mobile Device Access

The Site will have full discretion over whether the Site’s services will be offered or accessible from mobile devices. User should inquire about service offering, accessibility and functionality through mobile devices prior to purchasing any services.

2. Payment Terms

Users must submit payment information to the Site in order to process payments for ordered services. By submitting payment information, the User agrees to the following terms regarding processing of payments by the Site:

a. User Payment Information

Users may be required to provide certain payment information to the Site in order to purchase certain products. User is solely responsible for providing and ensuring accuracy of payment information for purchases made from Site. Site is authorized to collect and retain payment information as needed.

Users may select subscription options for the Site’s services. Subscriptions are recurring and User will be automatically charged in accordance to the selected subscription plan.

The Site offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of its services.

b.  Payment Processing Timeline

Payment processing time for purchases made from Site may vary. User agrees to allow for payments to fully process and will not cancel, chargeback or otherwise prevent any payments to fully process.

c.  Refunds

The Site has sole discretion over the issuance and process for any refund requests by the User. The Site does not offer pro-rated refunds or refunds on periods of time that services were not used by the User.

d. Modifications to Orders

User may make modification to subscription orders, as permitted by the Site. If the User chooses to upgrade or downgrade the services included in a subscription, the changes will take place immediately and existing payments for the unused period will be pro-rated immediately. The date on which the modification was made will become the new recurring payments date.

e. Cancellations

User may submit a cancellation request for an order either by email or the Site’s live chat support. If User paid for services through PayPal, then the User is able to cancel any order on their own. Cancellation requests will not be accepted if made by phone, social media or messenger platforms. If User’s payment fails, the failed payment will not be considered as intent to cancel. The submitted payment method will be charged again as it gets sufficient funds. The Site has discretion to terminate your account for a failed payment due to bad credit, insufficient funds or any other reason outside of Site’s control. The Site will notify User by email of its intent to terminate the account and allow for 3 business days for the User to resolve the matter.

Uninstalling software provided by the Site will not be considered a termination or cancellation of services or subscription. The Site does not monitor whether the software is installed on the User’s website or platform.

3. Content Ownership and Use of Site Content.

The Site owns any and all of the content, intellectual property and information displayed on the Site. As such, any of the content found on the Site is not for use, distribution or any other act that may be perceived as ownership by the User. User is not permitted to use, copy, distribute or display any or all of the content owned by the Site unless prior written consent has been provided to User by the Site.

4.    User Data and Our Privacy Policy.

Site is authorized to collect data from any individual that uses the Site or provides data to the Site. Site has discretion over any and all data that is collected and/or stored by the Site. If User wishes to know more about the methods by which the Site collects, stores and distributes data, the User should review the Site’s Privacy Policy.

5. Account Information and Responsibility.

Users are responsible for the information, credentials and any action taken with respect to the User’s account.

User must provide accurate and up-to-date information to the Site when the User account is initially created and the User must actually be who he or she is purporting to be. Additionally, should any information on the User’s account change over time, the User must update the information as soon as possible.

User should safeguard all account credentials and not share account login information with anyone. If any purchases are made on the User’s account, the User will be responsible for the fees associated with the purchase. If Site experiences any damages as a result of action from User account, User is liable to Site for the damages.

6. Site Aesthetics

Site has full discretion over the design and layout of any and all aspects of the Site. Site may choose to make changes to the aesthetics and content of Site as the Site’s choosing and will not be held liable to any Users for any claimed losses as a result of changes to Site design and layout.

7. Links

The Site will not be liable or responsible for any claimed damages to User related to the use of links to arrive at the Site or to depart from the Site. User browses the internet and clicks on links at his or her own risk.

8. Indemnification and Limitation of Liability.

User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Site for any and all purported damages, claims, harm or otherwise legal matters related to the Site. The User agrees to fully release the Site of any claims against the Site by the User. The User agrees to indemnify the Site from third party claims to the fullest extent of the law at the User’s expense, including but not limited to reasonable legal fees.

9. Governing Law.

The Terms are an enforceable agreement between the User and the Site and are governed and enforced under the laws of the state of Texas. The User agrees that any and all potential legal matters must be raised and resolved in the appropriate forum within the state of Texas.

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