Integrate Live Chat with your Online Store

In an effort to constantly improve our Live Chat service, HelpOnClick has now increased the number of Online Store platforms on which you can easily integrate Live Chat, to increase your sales and gain your customers’ satisfaction.

HelpOnClick provides integration possibilities with Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, XCart and now, you can also integrate Live Chat with opencart.


To easily integrate Live Chat with your online store, here are some instructions on how to do that, using opencart, our most recent plugin, and also using Magento or Zencart, some of the most popular web store platforms.

New HelpOnClick Plugins for Live Chat with Helpdesk Tools

As HelpOnClick has been constantly updating and coming up with new improvements, we’ve been working on providing new ways to integrate our Live Chat software into a Helpdesk application. And we’ve come up with some great additional instructions you can use in order to easily integrate Live Chat into your website.

New HelpOnClick Update – Operator Picture in the Widget

As we may have already accustomed you all with constant improvements to the HelpOnClick Live Chat Software, after the great Chat via SMS Feature, we are now proud to announce a software update, with a new enhancement included.

New HelpOnClick Feature – Chat Support via SMS

As we, the HelpOnClick Team, have always tried to improve our Live Chat Software, we are now going Live with a new, unique feature.

HelpOnClick now provides the possibility to use Live Chat via SMS. By using this new feature, you will be able to provide chat support to your customers using your mobile phone.

HelpOnClick Plugins to integrate with 3rd party software

If your website is based on one of the many free, open source website management systems; and you are wondering how to integrate our Live Chat Software with your site, then keep reading. In this article, we will show you how to use the HelpOnClick Live Chat Application on your website, blog or online store.

Besides any other type of website, HelpOnClick works great with many popular web platforms:

HelpOnClick Live Chat Software – Now Coming with New Features

The HelpOnClick Live Chat Software has been constantly improving; and we are now happy to announce some new, very useful features, already available. Keep reading to find out more information!

To see these features Live, just Log into your account or Register for an absolutely free 14 days trial, in 30 seconds.

The HelpOnClick Blog – Better Late than Never

HelpOnClick is the Live Chat software that enables you to increase sales and conversions with Live Help; and dramatically improves your support, just as our tagline says. Until now, we’ve supported the success of your business by providing you with a high quality, easy to use and highly customizable Live Chat application.

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