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HelpOnClick gives you the tools to connect with website visitors and convert them into customers. Our live chat services help you interact with your visitors in real time, providing personalized engagement that works.

Instant Setup

Our live chat support software is incredibly easy to install and use. Simply copy and paste and you can start chatting with your website visitors today! There are no complicated downloads or programming skills required to start using our services.

Make It Your Own

Your website is an extension of your brand. Our live chat support software can be customized to match your site. Choose from multiple options to engage your visitors—links, buttons, widgets, toolbars, and more. Choose a color scheme to mesh with your branding or even upload your own design for a chat button.

Spot & Engage

Our live chat services enable you to provide personalized engagement for your website visitors. Invite your visitors to ask questions based on a number of factors—where visitors came from, who they are, or what page they are viewing. Choose the right moment to invite them to chat using a manual or automated invitation. Engaging your visitors in a personal way can help you increase your conversion rate

Provide Useful Help & Impress Visitors

Our live chat support software includes access to previous customer’s chat history, canned messages, and predictive typing to help you provide exemplary customer service and support. With chat archive, built-in reports, and Google Analytics integration you can measure results and improve your service.

Close The Sale

With our live chat services, you can help your customers resolve all doubts and carry them through the purchase process. Make sure that your customers do not leave without a purchase.

Virtual Agent

Activate the Virtual Agent to answer customers' questions on slow hours, when all operators rest. The Virtual Agent is a chat bot that helps you serve customers 24/7/365, at minimum cost.

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Track & Improve

Chat archive, in-built reports, and integration with Google Analytics allow you to measure results of your customer service and improve it to customers' pleasure.

Take a tour of our live chat services to find out how HelpOnClick can help you meet the needs of your website visitors. Start connecting with your website visitors today!

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