How to Make Social Media Customer Service Easier


Every one of us has had the pleasure to use various social media customer service platforms, or perhaps you are on your way there. Today, you can bring all your customers under one roof within a click of the button – thanks to technology. And this does not apply to your website only; there are a lot and more platforms for this interaction.

So, what are the possibility of extending the social media customer service platforms reach beyond the boarders of your website?

There are number of tips to make customer service easier. If you ever thought it was an impossibility to improve your social media customer service outreach, kindly read on.

Chat in social media customer service platforms

And by the way, this is not about the normal Facebook integration that you might be familiar with. It’s a lot much more, and yet very easy and simple.

Bolstering customer service with social media

Here we go!

You can now develop a direct link chat to your users in various platforms. The direct link to your chat enables your customers to initiate a direct chat right from your twitter handle or replies or even from your newsletters.

Sharing of the link in any social media platform enables the users to easily reach your customer service. A click on the link opens window to your live chat. Just imagine, it’s just one click!

Don’t you think that saves a good amount of time? Yes, you just guessed right. The link saves your clients and customers enough time for other activities.

And for you? You’ve just become a click away from your clients and customers. If this does not make your social media customer service easier, what else does?

The links is essential for the managers of your social media platforms such as the social media marketing panel to help them easily connect your clients and customers with the customer service department in your company. What else could save you the hustle?

And as if that is not enough, all these information and connection can now be moved to your live chats.

Customer service platforms is never enough with social media

Also, the link is so easy to manipulate, navigate, and exploit. So how do we get to have the unique chat link?

Getting the link involves a few simple steps. First, click on your dashboard. The dashboard will display a number of options including settings. Click on the settings. The setting option will also lead you to other options that include installation. Click on the installation option.  In the installation options, click on direct chat link. At this point, your link is ready for use.

Sometimes, you might want to include a pre-engagement survey. You also have it right there, but this feature is however, optional.

The link is the most essential tool needed for an effective social media customer service. It’s the determining factor her. So how does the link work in your social media platforms? The link can easily be inserted at the end of your social media replies. And this is also very simple.

Before your start making any replies, ensure you copy the link- it’s good to know how to copy and paste here. So after you have written your reply, just paste the link at the end.

And how does this help?

Whenever a client or a customer makes an inquiry or register a complaint, the link will direct him or her to your customer service department within seconds. Your customer service team will then offer the needed services or information through the live chats.

It’s quick, simple, and easy!

Again, you can use your link to forward the customer inquiries to the customer service department or your support team.  It’s even easy to send the link through which your support team can easily reach the customers and clients.

And what is more?

You also have the opportunity to use the link to introduce your followers to your social media customer service platforms for instance, using live chats or mobile live chat solution. Your loyal clients and customers might want to engage you more and make inquiries.

You only need to introduce them to your live chat group and provide them with the link to the live chat. Moreover, the use of the live chat link into your social media customer service platforms also increases confidentiality. And your client and customers might want to make inquiries or complaints in private ways.

The live chat only shows the communication between the sender and the buyer and this confidentiality also helps to increase trust and loyalty of your customers and clients. It becomes a business between you and the individual customer. Isn’t that not one good advantage you already have over your competitors? I think it’s a score!

You might also want to use the link and URL shortener, same way in twitter where each character counts in the determination of the length of your post.

What is more with social media customer service platforms

And there is still more to the live chat and making your social media customer service platforms easier. Besides, it’s not every day that you want to use your website or other social media platforms. Sometimes you might want to exploit your email addresses in communicating with your clients or customers.

However, while using email, you only need to add the live chat link at the end or even in the middle of your message. As a result,  anytime your clients clink on the link, they’ll automatically be directed to your social media customer service department for more inquiries and detailed communication.

This helps in avoiding back-and-forth communication, often with consistently and huge inquiries. Your social media customer service usage might have never been this easy.

In the Gmail account, the link can be added as a signature. You only need to click on the cog icon in the account, enable insert signature, and add your link.

The link will direct your customers to a live chat that makes your social media customer service easier.

You might want to try any of the above leads to make your social media customer service effective.

This could just be the thing you’ve always lacked in your social media customer service.

Give it a try!