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HelpOnClick Help Desk Software

Smart and easy-to-use help desk and knowledgebase solution for small and medium-sized business. Deliver timely support to your customers.

Efficiently communicate with your customers

The HelpOnClick help desk allows seamless communication with your customers and prospects. Thanks to user-friendly interface, conveniently organized tickets list and numerous tracking and collaboration options, you will have all the messages answered properly and on time.

Collaborate with your team

Effective teamwork is the core factor of efficient customer service. Avoid duplication of work, assist other operators with questions, and discuss all the issues within the help desk system.

Automate everything

Tickets routing becomes easy with the automation rules. They allow you to focus on the most important tasks while they take care of the routine work.

Offer knowledgebase & self help

A knowledgebase is the cheapest service option for the websites owners and the most informative help for customers. Let your customers help themselves with the HelpOnClick self help tools.

Get reports

Advanced reports provide you with crucial information for decision making. Develop your service department based on measurable goals, and track the results.

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