Expert Tips for Proactive Customer Service

This is a guest post provided by Ashley Verrill, a market analyst at Software Advice.

If you asked someone what they think about when you say customer service, they would likely describe an unpleasant experience – one of compounding frustration because they had a problem, then were forced to sit on hold and bounce from one agent to another to get it solved.

Smart And Easy To Use Help Desk Software

Nearly all businesses need to interact with the customers for different purposes. Whether you are selling a product or services or anything which can benefit them you will definitely need to communicate with your customers. Once somebody does business with you, make sure they are in contact with you. Effective communication is the key to a successful business. Hence after sale services are important to satisfy the customers more. It is a fact that the satisfied customers will give you repeat business and they are your best source of advertisement at the same time.

How to Calm an Angry Customer

Dealing with complaining customers is an important part of any customer service. It is easy to help when customers explain in details what happened and what they want to be done. But how to help an angry customer, when his emotions do not let you evaluate the situation? Here are some tips on how to handle the situation.

Nurture Customer Loyalty Through Chat Application Software!

The businesses ultimate purpose is to create more customers but it is imperative to create the customers which are actually loyal to your company. The online businesses usually face the difficulty to attract customers towards them especially when they do not have a proper channel to talk to the prospect. Below are some tips to generate and maintain the maximum number of customers in any kind of situation.

Strengthen The Business With Customer Support Chat Software!

Do you wonder how to increase number of customers? If so, don’t worry you are not alone. The businesses are always looking for ways to search out new customers. If you want to increase the customer base here we are writing few creative tips which will help you create new customers.

6 Must-Read Blogs About Customer Service

There is a lot of information about customer service and customer experience on the Internet now: advices, trends, tips, and more. We have found a few must-read blogs for you that can inspire your team for great service and help you build a customer-oriented company.

Do Not Sound Like a Robot Using Canned Messages

When your customers contact you via online chat service, they definitely expect to chat to a human. But sometimes they feel like they are talking to a robot, which can be a bit disappointing to them. In the most cases this happens because of the quality of the canned messages you use.

HelpOnClick Live Chat App Is Available on App Store!

We are glad to inform you that a stable version of the HelpOnClick live chat for iPhones and iPads is now available on the App Store! 

HelpOnClick Celebrating Joys With You

Everybody nowadays is making use of the biggest social media platform, Facebook. It is because it has become the hottest site in the World Wide Web. Thereby, you have better chances to augment and flourish the business. HelpOnClick brings app for Facebook chat which will allow you to better interact with the customers.

More Sales on Christmas Season! It Is Possible!

Is there live chat support on your e-Commerce website? No? You are losing your customers and income!

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