3 Ways of Improving Your Business with Live Chat for Customer Service

As part of a customer support service, live chat software is slowly becoming more popularly utilized by online businesses. In essence, live chat is a simple messaging feature that you offer to anyone visiting your website. In terms of flexibility of use, this is a nice alternative to emailing or calling a company.To have effective customer support, companies and businesses has to deploy the use of Live Chat for Customer Service.

Live Chat for Customer Service

Trough live chat software and support systems, one can simply have all their questions answered when they log on to the website. Mind you, that’s just one of the ways of improving your business with the integration of live chat.

How Live Chat for Customer Service Can Improve Customer Experience

Higher Customer Satisfaction

When utilized as a support channel, live chat software has actually proven to garner better results. In fact, in 2015, a study by Zendesk highlighted that customer satisfaction levels were considerably higher with live chat. The study uncovered the following results:

  • 92% of all customers express satisfaction when handling a problem with the live chat feature.
  • Only 88% of customers were happy with the way their problems were settled over the phone.
  • Email communication had a happiness level of only 85% in issue resolving and response time.

Interestingly, live chat beats out social media platforms with the following figures from the Zendesk report:

  • 84% of users were happy using Facebook to reach out to the business and get the issue resolved.
  • 77% of the users were happy with using Twitter to get in touch with the business and get the issue resolved.

Despite the wide success of live chat, it is still surprising that many businesses do not think about using this program. In fact, the use of live chat software is usually considered to be an afterthought.

Flexibility in Usage

A major reason for investing in live chat software is the flexibility you offer to your customers. Swift answers, in fact, are one of the top ways to improve your business with live chat. With faster response times, users can get their issues resolved and get information regarding the products and services, which makes it easier for the consumer to decide to buy with the business. Slow responses can easily drive away a customer. Often, having had time to reflect and think about things, consumers prefer not to buy with businesses that have sub-par communication systems.

Live chat results in immediate answers and instant results. Luckily, more businesses have started to make use of live chat, with the number of online businesses with this feature more than tripling over the years.

Easy to Maintain

Live chat makes it easier to handle and maintain consumers. You can effortlessly handle six to eight more consumers with live help software than you can with email or over-the-phone assistance. Live Chat for Customer Service also allows you to maintain a good and healthy consumer audience. To clarify, customers expect a faster response, and they reward the businesses that provide it with loyalty.

With live chat software, you can improve problem resolution, and build an audience. Besides, you can ensure that your current consumers are happy and satisfied with the quality of your products and services. Therefore, live chat is undeniably one of the best ways to improve your business and your customer service response.