Hidden Chat Features That Might Be Useful

“Agent” or “Operator”, “Virtual agent” or “Virtual assistant” – we often name the same things differently and this sometimes can narrow our options. Developers and marketers can describe software features in absolutely different words, and you can even believe that they are talking about different things while in fact they are talking about similar functionality. Looking deeper in what this or that feature does, we can find out that it can be utilized in much more ways than we are used to think.

Is Your Live Chat Service Effective? Check It Here

Do you regularly monitor the quality of your customer service? Do you make sure that your online service staff delivers positive experience to your website visitors? Well-structured weekly monitoring will help you uncover the gaps in your chat service and take timely measures before you start losing customers.

Give Customers And Prospects What They Need Without Breaking the Bank

Small- and medium-sized e-commerce sites don’t often have the resources that are needed to provide around-the-clock live support to everyone who needs it. By using a program that incorporates virtual support and live support, you can affordably offer prospects and customers a personal level of service without spending exorbitant amounts of money.

Virtual Chat Agent: What It is and How It Works

HelpOnClick Virtual Chat Agent has been released! Virtual Agent is an automated chat for websites which can provide customer service when operators are unavailable. Now you can choose to use live chat, virtual chat or both on your website.

Expert Look at Digital Customer Service

In the new age of Internet commerce, customer service has significantly changed. To succeed in online business, you need to understand its trends and requirements. In this post we would like to share with you a selection of expert thoughts about digital customer service.

Do You Care Enough About Your Front Desk Service Staff?

The quality of customer service depends on the people who work in the service department, their knowledge, qualification and devotion to their job.

Get Advanced Multilingual Live Chat Support

If you are running an online business, your top priority is to get customers to make a purchase. Whether you are selling goods or services, your site should provide all the information customers need to make that purchase. One of the best ways to do this is to use a live chat support service.

Timing in Customer Service: Lose or Win a Customer

Delivering great customer service means delivering it on time. Whether it is phone support, live chat or email contacts, if you fail to provide timely help, you most probably lose a customer.

How to Deliver Personal Customer Service Online

Online customer service whether it is delivered via live chat or help desk lacks some important things that make communication personal. I am speaking about eye contact, voice tone and body language. Still there are few things that will help you add personal touch to customer service.

7 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Help Desk

Any online retail business obviously needs a help center. There are a lot of ways for customers to contact a company and get help, but how does your company manage all communication? What is the best way to track all the email and live chat conversations and make sure nothing is missed?

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