What Customers Want

What do customers want? This is the main question that all business owners should ask. It often happens that entrepreneurs think that customers are only looking for the cheapest price. And they are wrong in the most cases. There are a lot of researches of customers’ needs, and results may vary. In this post I would like to share some interesting findings.

Scripted Chats: Are They Good or Bad for Your Business?

Sales managers and consultants can be divided into two groups: those who use scripted chats and calls, and those who are against scripts. There is still a huge debate about using scripts for sales and service.

Build Loyal Customer Base to Succeed in Your Business

Successful business is based on loyal customers. It is well known that 20 percent of customers produce 80 percent of your sales. Still you need to deal with different types of clients to build customer loyalty.

Live Chat and Social Media: a Match Made in Heaven?

This is a guest post by Adele who writes for Customer Service Guru. She is experienced in consumer service and customer experience trends, and has contributed articles to many of the industry’s leading magazines and websites.

How a Live Chat Helps to Increase Sales

Companies that offer a live chat service on their websites register increase of conversion rate by 40%. That means that they are able to sell more with no significant investment. So why live chat makes the difference?

What Annoys Customers on Your Website

Offline businesses take a lot of efforts to make their offices or stores comfortable and pleasant for their customers. Online businesses must take care of their websites. Many businessmen and women think that creating a website is easy. But are they aware of small things that can drive their customers crazy?

How to Handle Simultaneous Chats on Your Website

Nobody likes waiting. When your website visitors have questions, they want them addressed urgently. On the phone, you cannot talk to two or more customers at the same time, but on chat you can. How to handle it without making mistakes?

Live Chat Software for Small Business: Pros and Cons

Starting a new business is always risky. Entrepreneurs have to make hundreds decisions that determine company’s future. An important question is how to communicate with customers without braking a bank? Let’s take a look at pros and cons of live chat service for a small business.

Join The Revolution

The revolution for online communication is here in the form of HelpOnClick Live Chat, where you can interact, monitor your visitors, and answer any questions in real time!   This is your best bet for getting a good introduction to Live Chat software.  With our programs, it is available through a Free Trial —- no fees or credit cards needed, and with our live chat, you have the possibility to increase sales.

Boost Sales With HelpOnClick

As a business, it’s important to reach potential customers before they have a chance to click through to another website.  By offering your customers live chat, you give them the opportunity to ask questions while they are at your site before any problems arise.  We offer the ultimate pre-sales/support experience, ensuring they’ll stick around and really check out your products and services.

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