3 Facts Highlighting That secure live Chat Solutions for Website Customer Support is Here to Stay

Customer support has been improved recently. The use of  secure live chat solutions for website customer support has been revolutionary. In fact, consumers have been so receptive to this new software that there’s a high demand for it.

Additionally, around 89% of consumers have stopped working with businesses that don’t offer this feature.

It’s clear to see that you would be alienating a large chunk of your target market if you are not making use of live chat services for website customer support. However, it’s not just the high demand from consumers that makes this feature popular. The following are some interesting facts which highlight just why this feature is here to stay.

Facts highlighting that secure live chat solutions are here to stay.

 secure live chat solutions for website

  1. Highest Rate of Customer Satisfaction via secure live chat solutions.

The customer satisfaction rate of a certain feature definitely makes an impact here as you want to make sure that you are offering all the necessary tools they need. These add value to their consumer journey and also ensure that they will be coming back to you again. 

Among all the different tools, chat services for website customer support have the highest satisfaction rate. You can take a closer look here:

  • 92% live chat features 
  • 88% voice and phone 
  • 85% email based
  • 84% Facebook 
  • 77% Twitter

It’s easy to see that given this factor, you will want to invest in getting live chat features for your website. Additionally, there are no other tools available which can beat this factor as yet. 

  1. There’s Little to No Hold Times

Another reason why consumers like using secure live chat solutions so much is that they have to deal with little to no hold times. This is the number reason why many people hate over the phone customer support options. Waiting time can range from 5 minutes to 15 minutes and in rare cases, can even take 45 minutes as well.

The longer a consumer has to wait, the more likely they are to become angrier, dissatisfied and upset about the issue they have. With secure live chat solutions for website customer support, you drastically cut down the wait times. People usually have to wait for a minute or two before they can get in touch with a customer support representative. 

  1. Always Accessible, Whenever, Where ever

With the introduction of 24/7 customer support, more consumers expect a business to be accessible at any time of the day. A report in 2016 highlighted this factor and around 51% of consumers were of the opinion that a business needs to provide customer support on a 24/7 basis.

For businesses, the best to improve customer experience is to opt for live chat features. Integrated with smarter AI, this software can prove to be invaluable in retaining consumer leads, resolving issues and providing solutions, even when the office is closed. 

Given these facts, it is easy to see that secure live chat solutions for website customer support are greatly appreciated by the consumers. There is also the option of enjoying greater flexibility, low costs and better engagement with your target market with its help.