Website Chat Support Versus Feedback Forms: Which Is Better?

Generating leads by directing traffic to your website is an age-old strategy that determines your conversion rate and your sales. Nowadays, leads are generated in the form of feedback forms (also known as a lead form) or through website chat supports.

 website chat supports

These can also be used to gain insights that help improve the customer experience. Let’s take a look at which is the more superior form of lead generation and provides more accurate insights.

Website Chat Supports versus Feedback Forms

Website chat support is a common part of most online businesses today. They allow one-on-one communication with website visitors. They are also voluntary in nature and do not prove to be as irksome as a popup. All you’ll see is a chat window appear on your desktop, inviting you to ask any questions. Some advantages of using website chat support include:

Level of Satisfaction

Having website chat support help resolve visitor queries in real time. Today’s customers require convenience in order to rate a shopping experience as satisfactory.

If they have questions about your products or get stuck in their buying journey, they talk to an agent and have them resolved immediately.

Thus, having website chat support increases the chances of customer retention. In case of a feedback form, a customer has to wait at least a day for a customer service representative to get back to them. 


Website chat supports can build up brand loyalty for a customer. According to a report, 63 percent of customers stated that they were more likely to revisit a website offering website chat support. 

In case of feedback forms, most customers are likely to browse other websites instead of sending a feedback query if they don’t find what they need or they require assistance in completing a purchase. 

Generation of Insights 

While the primary purpose of a feedback form is to generate insights in an easy way, website chat support can also be used for this purpose.

If you read the chat transcripts, you are likely to find variety of insights that can help identify areas of improvement. Since these problems occur in real time, you get a much clearer picture of what needs to be done to help provide better customer service.

While feedback forms has deeper insights and are also easier to read, most website visitors may opt out of filling one. 


The human touch goes a long way in improving the customer experience and leading them to conversion. Interacting with a customer agent is naturally more personal than filling out a form. It also helps build more trust between the customer and the organization. 

It is evident that website chat supports are more useful in improving the customer experience. However, for optimum performance, we suggest you employ a combination of both for your website for maximum benefits.