Should I Upgrade to Satellite Helpdesk Solutions?

Savvy ecommerce retailers know the significance of updating business processes to the latest technology.

Old-fashioned tools can slow down process, increase workload and take a toll on productivity. Monitoring multiple customer support platforms like phone calls, live chat, e-mail and more can be overwhelming.

Help desk software can smooth support operations in your business. If used well, it can shorten the dispute resolution process without compromising on the quality of support.

But which kind of help desk system can help your business achieve all these. While some businesses are okay with CRM desk, others may need a satellite help desk.

So, which way to go in this dilemma? Though most firms use the standard service desk, here are some reasons you may want to upgrade to a satellite solution.

Your company represents several brands 

Companies sell more than one brand for many reasons, some of them include;

  • To can attract a larger audience by selling products under different trade names and rake in more profit.
  • To test improvements made to products to explore potential markets
  • To use a popular trademark to boost a new brand and cut down on marketing expenses.

Businesses that stand for several brands may need to upgrade to a Satellite help desk.

These tools help you separate between the various brands you sell when shoppers or clients seek for customer support. Your regular help desk can streamline your support operations but a satellite service desk can do better if you sell more than one brand.

With a satellite solution, you can run help desks for separate brands. It allows you to add a unique logo, name and theme color to the every brands service desk.

It can be confusing when customer lands on a service desk of a brand they don’t expect. Companies that represent their brands separately can enjoy the following advantages.

  • Uphold brand name
  • Lead customers to the right service desk
  • Offer frictionless support experience for customers
  • Separate brand tickets

Your Company runs multiple businesses 

Perhaps your company runs multiple related businesses. For instance, you may be the owner of a car service business who runs a separate spare retail shop. These two businesses can be managed under one company.

Using a satellite help desk system can help you run the support services for both brands no matter how dissimilar they are in terms of language, location or time zone.

You can also set specific operation hours for each business.

Why Switching to Satellite help desk system is the Right Move 

Every customer who comes seeking help from your support team expects a frictionless experience.

They expect to be provided with solutions to their problems, or at least be given the resources they need to solve their issues.

Multichannel or help desk services allow you to design a unique knowledgebase for every brand or business. That way, your customers get instant access to the relevant knowledgebase articles.

These platforms bring order to your support operations and eliminate the need to run separate help desk tools for different brands.

Signing in and out of each service desk can be tiresome and burdensome. Why go down that road when you can manage all these on a single interface, while shoppers view only the relevant help desk.

Customer Relationship Management Software is a critical tool in supporting customers. And for a firm that represents more than one brand or business, a satellite help desk can provide the platform to make more efficient your customer care.

Final Words

Small to medium companies that represent single brands or business can rely on standard CRM tools. But those who sell different brands and need to control customer tickets and other contact points should upgrade.

The goal of customer service is to solve customer issues in the shortest time possible and satisfy them. But multitasking can be difficult, more so if you have to shift from one platform to the next.

Reduce the workload that comes with multitasking by leveraging the power of technology. Business should train support staff before they implement this tech.