Live Chat for Sales Force, Highrise, and ZOHO

Today, most businesses, no matter how small or large they are, use specialized software to manage their customer relations, contacts, leads, sales, accounts, etc.

CRM software has been around for quite a while, helping us keep all our customer information in one place. Integrating customer emails within the CRM, for instance,  is a useful feature, when you want to know what happens with a specific customer and what needs to be done about it. If you provide Live Chat support as well, then a conversation is as important as an email and you might want to see the chats on your customer profile too.

Using HelpOnClick, this can be accomplished very easily, just by inserting your CRM or drop-box email into the chat application.

To make things easier for you, we’ve integrated HelpOnClick with some of the most popular CRM software applications: SalesForce, Highrise and ZOHO CRM.

To learn how to use HelpOnClick with one of these systems, just follow our tutorials below!

Salesforce    Highrise     ZohoCRM

Do you have a tutorial suggestion? Would you like to comment or give us feedback?

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