Website Analytics and the Benefits

Launching a website without the intention to monitor its traffic is a futile attempt at marketing. Using website analytics to monitor site visitors and their on-page activities is tantamount to business success. The information can help you drive business with custom marketing campaigns but that will depend on your efforts.

website analytics

Today, those results are only possible through real time traffic monitoring live chat or real time web tracking. Monitoring traffic using analytics software live can allow you to identify opportunities for improvement. This includes reacting to business opportunities as soon as they arise. Speed will be your advantage against your competitors in this regard but you can also benefit from real time monitoring in the following ways:

Advantages of Website Analytics in monitoring your page.

React to Brand Mentions in Real Time

The minute your business name or brand is mentioned online, you will know if you are monitoring them live via website analytics. This includes a casual mention from a blogger or an online product/service review. This includes the implication of those mentions in terms of web traffic along with reactions.

You can also comment on the posts you find or prioritize them according to urgency and relevance. Doing so strategically will allow you to direct traffic your way. That’s a lot of traffic for free!

Detect Intrusions

Machine generated data that tries to infiltrate networks are a constant threat. By monitoring web traffic in real time through website analytics, you can nip that issue in the bud easily. Those tools can be used to generate predictive reports on potentially dangerous websites. This includes reporting work stations that have higher chances of accessing potentially harmful websites.

The ability to monitor network traffic this way and access to that data can give you a bird’s eye view of your web traffic before embarrassing network breaches occur.

Understand Blog Impact

It can be difficult to determine the impact your blogs have if you don’t monitor responses to them using social media analytics. Using real time data and monitoring, you can determine whether a blog is effective as soon as it is posted.

That will give you reasons to be proactive in updating material and promoting your work online on social media. Besides this, it will also allow you to filter through posts that are not getting the reaction you need and tweak future material accordingly.

Improve Your ECommerce Efforts

According to KISSmetrics, there is a reason why Amazon dominates the ecommerce industry today. The company frequently makes use of real time data from website analytics that it uses for split testing. The layout of the website is the result of years of development and data accumulated by monitoring traffic live. In other words, they have a strong knowledge base that tells them what works for them and what doesn’t instantly.

In order to get visitors in droves like that, you need to monitor your business analytics in real time as well. The more you do this, the more data you will have and the shorter the time you can do it in. All of those tests will help you to push target customers to take desired actions in seconds.