Meet Our New Feature: Co-browsing

We are happy to introduce you our new feature – co-browsing. Co-browsing is a browser sharing tool that helps you assist your customers even more easily and effectively.

Co-browsing can be used in two modes. The default mode allows operators to see the visitor’s screen to locate a problem. The second mode allows active help. Visitors can grant you access to control their mouse cursor, and you will be able to navigate their web pages from your operator panel.

Co-browsing works in all popular browsers and does not need any setup. To request a co-browsing session simply click on the “Request co-browsing session” icon on your chat toolbar.

HelpOnClick Co-broswsing

Visitors will see your request in their chat window. They need to accept or decline your request.  Operators are not able to access visitor’s browser without visitor’s consent.

HelpOnClick Co-browsing

Once the visitor has accepted the request, you are able to see their screen in a pop-up window in your operator panel. You can resize, scroll and move the window. Chatting is active in the co-browsing mode.

HelpOnClick Co-broswsing session

By default, you are only able to see the entire visitors’s page and cursor location. When you scroll down the page, you may notice, that the page becomes grey. That means that this part of the page is not currently visible on the visitor’s screen. So you always know what the visitor is currently looking at on their screen.

HelpOnClick Co-broswsing session 2

To control visitor’s mouse cursor, click on the button “Take control of the visitor’s browser” to request access. Active mode will allow you to guide the visitor through your website. As well as visitors can grant you access on their side without waiting for your request. Accessing control over visitor’s mouse cursor is not possible without visitor’s consent. 

HelpOnClick Co-broswsing - browser sharing

Browser sharing is available on the pages where the HelpOnClick live chat tool is installed. We would appreciate to hear your opinion about the feature. Send us a message on our contact page.

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