Gain Customers Using Website Support Chat & Google Analytics

Every online business needs to know about their customers. It’s important to understand where the customers are coming from and which keywords they use to visit the site. Also, the business owner must know what pages are not capturing the attention of the online users. All this information can be gathered using Website Support Chat and  Google Analytics.

You can integrate website support chat with Google Analytics to measure online website performance. The web analytics service that is offered for free by Google is a powerful tool that can help in improving online customer service.

measure online Website Support Chat performance

Here are five important features of Google Analytics that you should use to learn more about your customers.

Landing Page Report

The landing page report will tell you a lot of information about the online visitors. You will know by looking at the report about the channels through which the customers are finding your website. You will know whether the customers are finding you using a search engine, social media, mobile live chat for website, or a referral site. In addition, you will know the keywords that the online users use to find your website. This information will prove invaluable in fine-tuning the website content and optimizing it for the search engine.

Return Visitor Conversion

Return visitors is also an important piece of information that you should look at using Google Analytics. When looking at the data regarding return customers, you should try to determine why they returned. Did they make a purchase the first time? What can you do to make more people convert? At this point, using website support chat is important as it can help in gaining insightful information about the customers.

Bounce Rate of the Website Support Chat

Bounce rate is yet another important metric that you should look at in Google Analytics. It refers to the number of times people leave the site immediately after visiting the website. The bounce rate should be minimized by taking actions such as making the website more appealing, responsive, and fast for faster replies.

Cohort Analysis Report

Cohort analysis report can also provide key information about the customers. It can provide insightful information about like-minded visitors. You can group the users through different parameters such as behavior over time or the day that the online visitors visited your website.

Lifetime Value Report

Google Analytics generates a lifetime value report that can provide information about the information of different online users. The report captures lifetime value of online customers across different sessions such as paid search, organic search, and even email. The information will allow you to dedicate the marketing resources to nurture a relationship with the users.

Google Analytics and website support chat are both powerful tools that can help you to gain great insights about the online visitors. The items listed above are just some of the important information that can help you get to know your customers better. You can gain more insightful information by digger further to explore what features are helpful to improving the customer experience.