Top 5 Articles About Web Design Trends for 2017

If you plan to update your website design or create a new website this year, you must be aware of the web design trends for 2017. The following articles will help you learn how to create an up-to-date website.

Web Design Trends for 2017 by Paweł Pacura

The main idea of the article is that “in the last year or two, it has become noticeable that many designers are trying to move away from simple and closed compositions. More and more open-styled, seemingly chaotic, “broken” and cut compositions are being created. The previously worshiped grid lost its importance and its rules were deliberately and consciously bent. Content started to be shifted, seemingly moved, its parts sometimes overlapped and intermingled.

A great role in this process is played by the evolution of Canvas and WebGL. Modern projects are often a bit confusing, less intuitive than the minimalist ones, but they make a really strong, lasting impression on users.”

Great point of view on layout design and composition.

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18 web design trends for 2017 by John Moore Williams

The author interviewed Webflow’s designers to find out what trends they think will dominate the world of digital design in 2017. The article provides a complex view on various aspects of web design.

We at HelpOnClick were interested in the part about bots (check out our Virtual Agent for live chat). “You might call 2016 the year of the bot — though whether it’s been the beginning of the bots’ triumph or just a somewhat underwhelming launch is very much open to debate.

That said, if the volume of bot-related launches on Product Hunt and Google’s deep integration of Assistant into Android are any indication, 2017’s going to see a lot more bots popping up across your life.”

20 Rising Web Design Trends To Watch In 2017 by Jake Rocheleau

The article provides useful information for bloggers. There are good points about style of blogs and adblock.

“If you ran a blog in 2003 it was considered a cute little hobby. In just over a decade that trend has radically changed. Now blogs can provide a full-time income, and they’re starting to look a lot more like digital magazines. … The magazine-style design trends make a big difference. The homepage uses a big featured story section, each post has its own thumbnail, and the article pages center around the headline.”

You may have also noticed the following: “One serious trend that I see increasing is adblock content blocks. This is a technique to “block the ad blockers”. This feature is already in place on many large sites such as Business Insider and Forbes. Unfortunately, this hurts both the user and the publisher, and it all stems from poor-quality advertising techniques.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who you blame or where you stand in the ad blocking debate. More people are installing adblock plugins, and I’m expecting more publishers to push back.”

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16 Web Design Trends to Expect in 2017 by Antoni Zolciak

The hamburger menu should be gone, but it’s not. Designers still fight for that.

“It doesn’t make any sense on desktop computers. Also, it doesn’t make any sense for an older audience. Okay, honestly? It doesn’t make sense anywhere with the exception of mobile (in some cases) and targets who are technologically savvy.”

To be, or not to be?

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The Hottest Web Design Trends You Should Know In 2017 by WIX

We liked the bonus tip: Customize your Google Map. “Nowadays, every online consumer is used to seeing the famous map with the red pin. The problem: most websites’ maps look exactly the same. It’s time to change that. A cool and fashionable design tip is to customize your map in a way that complements your design.”

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Web design trends that every designer keeps in mind

  • Cinemagraphs, video background and animation
  • Big bold letters and custom typography
  • Unique layouts, asymmetry and dynamic compositions
  • SVGs (scalable vector graphics) are preferred to PNG, JPG and other formats
  • Geometric Shapes, Patterns, Lines and Circles
  • Richer colors and gradients
  • Unique graphics and images.

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