New Android App for HelpOnClick Live Chat is Available on Google Play

We are happy to introduce you our brand new chat application for Android phones and tablets. New design and new features are intended for enjoyable and comfortable communication with your website visitors.

The following features will help you run your conversations smoothly and efficiently:

Notifications in the background mode.

You will not miss an incoming chat or a new message having the chat application in the background mode. Once there is a new message, there will be sent a push notification and a sound alert.

HelpOnClick app for Android devicesReal time traffic monitoring.

See information about your current website visitors in real time. Learn what pages they are browsing and where they came from.

Invite visitors to chat.

Spot the visitors who may need your assistance and invite them to chat. Or log in to the main browser application to set up automated invitations.

Send canned messages and files.

On mobile devices canned messages become even more useful, because they allow quicker replies to your customers.

Receive files from your website visitors.

When the file transfer option is available for your website visitors, you can receive their screenshots and documents. Log in to your main browser account to set up file transfer permissions. You will find the settings under the Admin -> Settings tab.

Transfer chat to another operator.

Escalate questions to your manager or to another department when needed.

Android app Tablet options

Run multiple chats simultaneously.

There is no need in making customers to wait in a queue. You can run as many chats simultaneously as you can manage.

View previous chats for returning visitors.

HelpOnClick live chat application will automatically identify returning visitors and all their previous chat history will be available to you.

View chat statistics.

See the overall number of chat sessions over a period and your own input.

Android app Tablet stats

All settings for your chat application can be made in the main account, which is the browser version of your chat operator panel. If you do not have an account yet, click here to sign up. If you are already registered with HelpOnClick, click here to download Android app on Google Play.

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