HelpOnClick Integration with BigCommerce, Kentico CMS and ZOHO

In an effort to provide our users with a better service and lots of integration possibilities, HelpOnClick integration have again updated our plugins section, with three new tools, which will help you get maximum benefits, by integrating Live Chat with your website.

So, here are some great new tutorials to integrate Live Chat with:

HelpOnClick integration  HelpOnClick integration  HelpOnClick integration

Integrate Live Chat with BIGCommerce

BIGCommerce is a shopping cart system that allows you to sell on Facebook or IPhones, get found on search engines and easily send automated emails to your customers.

HelpOnClick integration: To integrate Live Chat with your BIGCommerce Store, follow these steps:

  • Log into your BIGCommerce Administration account, from your store’s address or by going to:
  • In the Settings dropdown, select Live Chat Settings.

HelpOnClick integration

  • Select “Other Third Party Live Chat Service” in the list then click “Save” to enable the chat.
HelpOnClick integration
  • Once you click Save, there will be a new tab under your Live Chat Settings section. Select the new tab called “Other Third Party Live Chat Service”.
HelpOnClick integration
  • On your HelpOnClick console, go to Admin->Code and copy the HTML code.

HelpOnClick integration

  • On your “Other Third Party Live Chat Service” tab > scroll down to Settings > Live Chat Code and paste the code you just copied from the HelpOnClick console.

HelpOnClick integration

  • Choose the location of your chat from the “Chat Box Location” dropdown. If you choose to implement an icon or a text link, these will appear at the selected location, however the widget will be shown at the bottom left or right side of your store, depending on your preference.
  • Click Save and that’s it! Your BIGCommerce Live Chat is now up and running, ready to assist your customers.


Integrate Live Chat with Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS is a complete solution that helps you build and manage websites, online stores, communities or intranets, all in an easy to use platform.
To integrate Live Chat with Kentico:
  • Log into your Kentico Administrator account.
  • Go to Content > Corporate Site, click Edit then select Master Page, on the right side panel.
  • Go to your HelpOnClick console, into Admin > Code and copy the HTML code.

HelpOnClick integration

  • Paste the code on your Kentico CMS, just under the first opening <body> tag, like in the below screenshot.

HelpOnClick integration

  • Click Save and the chat widget will be ready to use on your Kentico website.

Integrate Live Chat with ZOHO Support

ZOHO is a well-known system, providing a wide range of features and tools. It also comes with a Help Desk, called ZOHO Support that helps you easily capture customer requests.

This is how you can integrate your Live Chat Transcripts from HelpOnClick and turn them into tickets inside your ZOHO Support system:

  • If you have not set up your ZOHO Support account and email address, you can follow this tutorial to do so.
  • Log into your HelpOnClick Console and go to Admin > Settings.
  • Enter your ZOHO Support email address under “Email to collect messages”, then tick the box below to automatically receive chat transcripts via email. Click Save to enable the changes.

HelpOnClick integration

  • That’s it! You are now ready to turn your chat transcripts into support tickets into ZOHO.


Use these tutorials to integrate Live Chat with your website and get ready to turn even more of your visitors into customers.

HelpOnClick integration is constantly making new developments, so if we missed your platform, please feel free to contact us or post a comment suggest new plugins.