Best Email Marketing Tips For Nonprofit Organizations

While live chat can make customer communication faster, it may not benefit a non-profit organization as much as these email marketing tips can. Besides being free of charge, this strategy can allow charities to reach a larger number of people for their cause. It can also help them target demographics that can benefit particular charitable causes the most.

email marketing tips

Why Email Marketing Tips

Most nonprofits are strapped for cash, resources, and time — which is why marketing through emails is a suitable strategy for them. An email campaign is a good investment, as it is safe to set up and it has the best ROI compared to others. This makes it perfect for organizations that work on a tight budget and require bang for each buck they acquire from donors. In fact, for every $92 spent on customers, only a dollar is spent on conversion.

All of the subscribers you attract will be donors who have expressed their interest in your cause. These are people who will support your cause with either money or resources to make it profitable. Signing up for the email list is the first and last step in this case. For nonprofits, this is better than chat software at the start of operations.

The following are some email marketing tips that can help you attract donors and ensure they return to support your cause.

Take Stock Of Your List

The first thing on our list of email marketing tips is that you need to assess your list and see what you’re working with on live chat. This includes figuring out the number of people in your group, how they were added and why, what information you have on them (such as dates of birth, age, contact info etc.), how many times they have donated, and what type of content attracts them.

Harness The Power Of Social Media

The next step in our email outreach marketing tips should be to triangulate all of that information using social media and Analytics. Understanding these platforms will help you determine the type of audience you are working with and get a clearer picture of their online presence. Finding out what their interests are and who they follow will also give you fodder for your emails.

Use Language That Empowers

Since there is no cap as to the amount you can ask for for a nonprofit, the aim should be to use content that will make people believe in the cause. Using active language can help, but the words you use will also have an impact. Short and sweet should be the model you strive for. Terms such as ‘Donate now’, ‘No donation is too small’ or ‘Donate $4 now’ are compelling CTAs that can encourage people to take action. Choosing appropriate language is one of the most important email marketing tips we can offer.

Besides inspirational content, you should also use pictures to lend credibility to your cause. However, using stock images will not do much, so stick with pictures pertaining to real events and people. That will make your cause authentic and make your nonprofit trustworthy in the eyes of the donors you wish to attract.

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