How to setup Websites


Click on tabs:

  1. Tab: Admin
  2. Tab: Setup
  3. Choose “Websites” (if not already chosen)
    To add a new website, click on “Add”.
    To edit existing website, double click on any one of the fields.

Set up websites - HelpOnClick


Fields explained:
Title – short name for the website
Domain Name – website domain name, format:
Departments – departments assigned to this website. Must have at least one. Double click to choose from existing departments.
Theme – theme for this website. double click to get the full list of themes
Default – if this website is marked as “default” and you use the HTML code for “All” websites (see “How do I implement it to my website” section), this website well be used for default settings (for example, the theme shown).
Logo – this will replace the default image on the visitor’s chat screen.

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