How to enable Chat via SMS

Click on tabs:
1. Tab: Admin
2. Tab: Setup
3. Choose “Operators”
4. Double Click the Chosen Operator
5. Tick the SMS checkbox (don’t see it? contact us)
6. Click “Save”

Chat via SMS settings - HelpOnClick

Click on tabs:
1. Tab: Back
2. Tab: Settings
3. Find the SMS configuration section (don’t see it? contact us)

Chat via SMS schedule - HelpOnClick

Fields explained:
When I’m logged off – enable or disable chat notifications to your mobile phone.
Phone number country – choose the closest country from this list. This will be used
Phone number – your phone number, no country code.
Phone time zone – your time zone.
I’m available on – you’ll get chat notifications to your phone during those times only.

Save your settings.

Confirm your phone by clicking on “Confirm” and then entering the confirmation number sent by chat via SMS

Chat via SMS confirmation - HelpOnClick

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