How do I add fields to the pre-chat screen?

Click on tabs:
1. Tab: Admin
2. Tab: Customize
Choose “Pre-Chat Fields”.

Pre-chat fields

To add a new field, click on “Add”.
To edit existing field, double click on any one of the fields.
To move a field down or up, click on the field once and click on “Move Down” or “Move Up” buttons.

Fields explained:
Field Title – will be displayed for the visitors.
Mandatory – is this field mandatory or not? Double click to change.
Input Type – choose what kind of field is this. Double click to choose. There are two special types: “Email” for an email field and “Name” for a name field.
Items – if you choose an input type that needs values (such as a drop down list or radio buttons), this is where you enter the values. Double click to edit.