What Do You Need: Chatter at Click or Informative Splatter on Web Page?

Providing the right answer to a customer’s question can make all the difference between an easy transition down the sales funnel or a disgruntled-close-to-a-non-productive sales journey. Your customers have plenty of alternatives available on the internet and if you are not ready to facilitate them with their queries, chances are someone else would. We would be comparing the FAQs web page and virtual agent live chat software.

It is a tug of war that webmasters are continuously involved in. They are actively seeking for tools that can help them to tug the customer in their favor.

virtual agent live chat software

Webmasters want a customer support service solution that can productively facilitate the customers. 

And when they look around, they have two solutions to deploy:

  1. A FAQs web page
  2. A virtual agent live chat solution.

Which one is better? We take a look.

 A FAQs web page vs Virtual Agent Live Chat Software

In Terms of Deployment

To design a FAQs web page, all webmasters need is good writing skills and an understanding of customers’ needs. You open a word processor, type down questions that you believe address the queries of your readers and then word out answers that communicate the solution in a convenient and effective manner. Hit the upload button and you are good to go.

With a virtual agent live chat software, the solution is more complicated. You have to identify the keywords that you believe form the theme of customers’ questions and then train the AI to give pre-programmed answers.

The deployment of a virtual agent live solution is lot harder when you compare it to the FAQs web page designing process.

In Terms of Prospect Nurturing

Prospect nurturing can be defined as the execution of practices that matures a prospect through the sales funnel, eventually leading to a successful close. This conversion requires more than just a walk through facts.

A FAQs web page is a static content. It does not deal with the dynamics.

Yes, the customer got the answer to the question but now what? How will you build the conversation to allow the maturation of sales process?

This is where virtual agent Secure Live chat solution can offer a superior solution to its text form counterpart. By carefully designing data points and training the algorithm to successfully build on a conversation, virtual agent live chat software can execute the process of prospect nurturing efficiently and productively.

In Terms of Content Design

For a virtual agent live chat software, you will need a vast collection of data points to successfully integrate content that can help the customers with their queries. This is something which needs extensive research and the training is even harder (based on the current AI technology).

In comparison, the content design is much easier and executable when you consider the case of a FAQs web page. Sure, the writing can get all tedious and a bit spammy, but a comprehensive FAQs web page is a much better solution if you want to look from the perspective of content design.

In Terms of Promptness of the Delivered Solution

A virtual agent live chat software can promptly facilitate customers with their queries. They simply have to type the question and if the algorithm has been trained to answer the query, the delivered solution will be prompt and precise. In case of a FAQs web page, the customer will have to scroll down the list to identify the question which does not always translate into a good navigation experience.

Both the solutions on offer, a FAQ web page and a virtual assistant Secure Live chat solution, have their strengths and weaknesses. It all depends on the preference of a webmaster. So, which one do you prefer:

A chatter at a click or an informational splatter on your web page?

Fill us in with your comments.