Virtual Agent

Works when live operators rest

Works seamlessly with Live Chat

The Virtual Agent is integrated with the Live Chat software. For your website visitors it looks like the chat tool, with only one difference - the answers are provided by the chat bot. The Virtual Agent can work when all operators rest, or help out operators on busy hours.

Teach to handle common queries

The Virtual Agent is the most helpful with common queries, such as contact information, pricing, setup guide, and much more. It can also provide links to website resources and links to related articles.

24/7/365 availability

The Virtual Agent does not need any breaks, night sleep or vacations. It can help your customers 24/7. It always works fast and does not make mistakes.

Reduce staff costs

24/7 support may cost you a fortune. With the Virtual Agent you can reduce support costs if you use it on slow hours. The Virtual Agent does not need paid vacations or insurance. It is built for non-stop work.

Collect hot leads

The Virtual Agent can collect hot leads for you. It can request a visitor’s name, phone number and email address, and send it to your email, so your support team can follow up when they are online.

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