Using Virtual Agent Integrated Live Chat Solution

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the benefits of having a live chat software for your e-commerce website. Today, we would like to take this discussion a step further and explore the subject: How virtual agent integrated live chat solution can consolidate your customer support strategy.

Virtual Agent Integrated Live Chat Solution

Before we start the discussion, let’s first review the basics of a virtual agent integrated live chat solution.

What is Virtual Agent Integrated Live Chat Solution?

It is a live chat software that comes incorporated with two support features:

  1. An integrated live agent support: These are the employees of an organization, who are responsible for facilitating the queries of the customers and providing prompt support services.
  2. An integrated virtual agent support: This is an inbuilt program, a chatbot leveraging AI, designed to serve as virtual replacements of live agents.

By combining both the support features, a virtual agent integrated live chat software offers a more comprehensive solution as compared to a simple live chat software.

Consolidating Your Customer Support Strategy with Virtual Agent Integrated Live Chat Solution

By using a virtual agent integrated live chat solution, you can:

Facilitate Increased Traffic

Ecommerce websites that receive heavy traffic often find it difficult to facilitate all the customers at the same time, especially if the customer support department is under-resourced relative to the volume of incoming visitors.

Even though the agents are trained to expertly handle the strenuous demands, it may lead to a decline in the quality of delivered customer service.

As such, having a virtual agent distributes the traffic load can help an organization to facilitate increased traffic efficiently.

Offer Round the Clock Customer Service

For a business it is important to facilitate its customers round the clock, especially for organizations which have global clientele. You never know when a local or global client may need your service or come at your digital storefront looking for an answer to an important query. It is important to accommodate the facilitation process as part of your business model. However, even your employees need rest. They cannot be available all the time. This is where a virtual agent integrated live chat solution can help you.

The virtual agents do not need sleep, they do not need to go on vacations and they do not tire out.

By deploying a virtual agent integrated live chat solution, you can offer round the clock customer service without asking any of your employees to work post-office hours or in shifts.

Increased Productivity

Although virtual agents cannot facilitate complex queries, the AI is still in its infancy, they can certainly facilitate customers who have simpler queries and basic questions to ask about your product or service.

By deploying a virtual agent integrated live chat solution, you can distribute the traffic—assigning virtual agents the responsibility to handle basic queries— while your employees can focus on other important tasks or customers that have more complex needs.

Reinforcing your customer support service team can help you address the weak points of your strategy and improve your operations further. And to help you achieve that, virtual integrated live chat software is an ideal solution.

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