Website Support Chat & Social Media Etiquette

The tremendous popularity of social media is undeniable. At any given moment, billions of people are using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to connect with each other, share opinions, and get updates. It is therefore important to know the social media etiquette.

Every company today must focus on building a strong social media presence. They can build goodwill, enhance brand image, and funnel leads to their website through investing time and effort in interacting with customers via social media and website support chat. Here are five rules of social media etiquette that you should follow when interacting with the customers.

Social Media Etiquette

Understanding Social Media Etiquette

Show Your Customers You Value Them

Social media and website support chat are the best places to create bonds with current and prospective customers. One great way of showing customers that you value their business is to highlight them on different social media platforms. Whether it is simply mentioning your first customer of the day or creating social media based giveaways, creating posts that put the emphasis back on the customer are always a good idea.

Respond to Every Query

A survey carried out by the Social Habit found that around 42 percent of social media followers expect a response in 60 minutes or less. If they don’t receive a response, it leaves them with a negative impression of the company. If it’s not possible to provide an immediate reply, notify them when the query will be answered or direct them to website support chat. The service that the customer receives through social media should be as efficient as traditional channels.

Keep It Professional

Even though social media is a much more relaxed platform, the tone used for responding to social media queries should be formal and professional. Avoid getting personal when engaging with clients through any official social media pages.

Create Generic Responses

Official social media pages should not be treated like personal accounts. All the responses should be standard, ensuring they correctly reflect the mission and values of the company.

Acknowledge Mistakes

Acknowledging mistakes on social media is not a sign of weakness. It will, in fact, paint a positive image of your company to online followers. A company that is not afraid of accepting mistakes will be seen as honest and reliable by the users.

In the end, social media is just one of the online tools that a company can use to reach out to the customers. Website support chat can also help in connecting with the customer. A company should not shy away from embracing novel technological tools. Any tool that can help in creating a deep connection with the customer should be valued. The effort taken to connect with the customers will be worth it in the end as it will help in making them committed to the brand.