Join The Revolution

The revolution for online communication is here in the form of HelpOnClick Live Chat, where you can interact, monitor your visitors, and answer any questions in real time!   This is your best bet for getting a good introduction to Live Chat software.  With our programs, it is available through a Free Trial —- no fees or credit cards needed, and with our live chat, you have the possibility to increase sales.

  • The setup time can be completed in approx. 5 minutes and you will be ready to engage with your website visitors from a range of different devices so you can manage your business no matter where you are.


  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Billing Cycles are available when you decide to subscribe when you realize how intuitive and convenient it is.   There are also the possibilities to get discounts applied on pre-paid accounts over the the long-term.  For example, a quarterly option gets you 15% off, and an annual package offers up to 40% savings.
  • No contracts required, just pay as you go.


  • The HelpOnClick software also has a virtual agent options, unlimited chats, unlimited departments, unlimited invitation rules, 5 websites, customization and much much more.
  • You can add up to 5 websites under one package for seamless, multi-site live chat.
  • It’s as simple as copy and paste to get rolling with HelpOnClick, so start your free trial now!
  • After setting up your account using our easy-to-use, intuitive account administration panel, you just copy a block of HTML code into your website and that’s it.


  • The Virtual Agent — one of the features of our package– assists your website visitors when all operators are offline.
  • Teach your Virtual Agent about your products and services, and it will serve your customers almost as effective as live operators.
  • Install the Virtual Agent and see how it helps to reduce your customer service costs and save your time.
  • The Virtual agent responds to keywords which are used to guide the agent to answer FAQs and get responses to help automate some of the most frequently asked questions.

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