Four Customer Service Future Trends

Customers service today is way different than it was in the past. Technology has paved way for new modes of creating meaningful interactions and future trends with your target market. However, the disruption brought about by technology has not stopped. New innovative technology is being developed as you read this article that will drastically change the landscape of customer service experience in the future.

customer service Future Trends

Let’s take peek at some of the future customer service trends that are expected to change the way companies interact with the customers, or rather how customers choose to interact with the companies.

AI to Play a Big Part

By 2020, AI/cognitive personal shoppers are expected to drive around 40 percent of the e-commerce transactions. According to Brian Mitchinson, Chief Marketing Officer at Fluid, an IBM Watson eCommerce partner, cognitive computing will change the way customers buy products and services. Artificial intelligence will be used to understand customer shopping trends and make suggestions.

As the most promising customer service trend, artificial intelligence can also be used to help resolve current customer complaints. For instance, instead pressing multiple buttons to reach a specific department, AI will be used to help determine where a customer needs to be directed more efficiently.

Customer Empowered Service

Another future expectation regarding customer service is that the customers will be more empowered. The focus will be on providing solutions that allow the customer to make informed decisions. The customer service will be all about WHAT the customers want, HOW they want, and WHERE they want.

This customer service trend will be all about empowering customers to make decisions. This path to customer journey will be more cost-effective and efficient for both the customer and the company.

Data Defining Customer Experience

Data is already a big thing today. However, it will play an even bigger role in the future. Companies will take information from different sources such as social media, CRM live chat, email, online surveys, and others to provide more efficient services to the customers.

Future Trends of Mobile Integrations

Mobile integration is in its infancy at the moment. Not many companies are leveraging the power of mobile platforms to provide extraordinary services. In the future, it’s expected that a large number of companies will focus on a terrific mobile customer service experience. Customer service will be provided through mobile devices either through text, telephone, live chat for website, or other means.

Businesses need to proactively adopt these new customer service trends in order to survive in a growing market. It’s the age of the customers, and companies that offer the most customer-centric services will be able to survive and thrive.