Learn More About Your Website Visitors

Big companies spend a fortune on numerous researches to learn who their customers are. With the HelpOnClick live chat even small companies may learn more about their website visitors, with no extra cost. 

We have released a new feature, an integration with the FullContact software. From now on, when you start a chat with your website visitors, the system searches the web for the information about them. The search is based on the provided email address. Once any information is found, you may see your visitor’s picture, full name, related websites, and their social profiles. (Note: if the customers’ emails are not used for any social registrations, you may not see any additional information about them.)

Fullcontact preview on HelpOnClick live chat

It is really a great feature because now you are able to make a portrait of your current and potential customers absolutely for free! Why is it important to create a portrait of your client? It is vital to know your customers, their age, gender, education, occupation, interests, family relations, etc. With this information you are able to focus your propositions on those aspects that are important to your customers. Now you do not have to guess, you may know exactly what they like.

How can you learn this information? Our FullContact feature shows your customers’ profiles and related websites. Social profiles are now one of the best and the cheapest source of information about people. Once you get the list of social profiles of your customers, you may learn about them a lot. It is useful that this information is not only available during a chat, but also it gets saved in the archive. You may browse the chat archive anytime, and see who your current and potential customers are, what they are interested in, and much more.

A portrait of a client is the main point of any marketing program. Without it, it is impossible to work out an effective proposition. With the HelpOnClick live chat you may learn about your customers effortless and without extra costs.

Log in to your account now to see how it works. 

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