UX, CX, and Live Website Chat Integration

A lot of buzzwords surround customer service and it can be difficult to keep up. Two abbreviations that often confuse people are UX and CX. Continue to read our blog to find out more about UX, CX, and live website chat integration.

What is UX?

UX is an abbreviation of user experience. The term refers to the experience of the user or customer related to a specific product, website, or service. The components of the user experience include such things as:

  • Navigation
  • Ease of Use
  • Learnability
  • Layout
  • Information architecture

All of those different factors combine to create a user experience, which can either be positive or negative. To improve the user experience, it’s important to incorporate features that result in ease-of-use and convenience to the customers. The design and packaging should be attractive. Also, the customer should be able to easily use the product without much learning.

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User experience can be measured in different ways. They can be measured using metrics such as abandonment rate, bounce rate, product returns, online reviews, among others. With increased competition, companies have no other option than to focus on improving the user experience. This can be done through in many ways such as live chat website integration, IVR customer support, omnichannel customer support, responsive website design, customer feedback, etc.

What is CX in Live Website Chat?

CX is an abbreviation of customer experience. It has a greater scope in comparison to UX. The term refers to any experience that encompasses not just the product but the associated services. It involves the interaction of the customers with the company. Moreover, it involves how the company’s product compares with that of the competitor.

In other words, CX is a holistic concept that relates to aspects other than the product. The term entails the feelings of the customers related to different touch points both in-store and out-of-store, online and offline. It is shaped by elements such as advertising, brand image, product delivery, and brand reputation.

Customer experience can be positive if the call center and Live Website Chat agents are helpful and informative. It will also be positive when the company makes efforts to build a brand relationship. Actions such as free materials, discounts, and even simple actions such as birthday-wishes through email can resonate positively with the customers resulting in improved customer experience.

CX (customer experience) is a broader customer service than UX (user experience). It deals with different interactions of the customer with the brand. Based on positive customer experience, customers will likely recommend the product to others and continue using it for a long time. Companies must put the effort in improving both customer and user experience for improved customer satisfaction and profitability.