Ethics in Customer Service: How It Makes a Customer Trust You

Everybody makes mistakes. We are used to sort out our own faults, but sometimes we have to deal with our colleagues’ mistakes. Customer trust can be based on how good you are in troubleshooting. Do you know how it can affect customer trust when you sound positive or negative about your colleague when you talk over a live chat software to an affected customer? Do you know how you usually sound?

Customer trust

What your customers think when you are negative about your colleague’s mistake or attitude.

  • You are not in good relations with your colleague. Can we trust you? Are you honest in your assessments?
  • You tell than your colleague is not competent enough to do the job. Are there any other incompetent employees in your company? Can you handle the business at all?
  • You do not respect your colleagues. How can you respect your customers?

    When you tell that you are not responsible for what your colleague has done, is your company responsible for its mistakes at all?

You may see that your negative attitude to your colleagues in front of customers causes doubts about the entire company. 

When you sound positive about your colleague, you build customer trust

Positive attitude does not mean that you are happy about the trouble. But you are focused on resolving it instead of blaming your colleague. You admit that anyone can make a mistake, and you are positive about educating your team.

Here’s what your customers hear when you sound positive when engaging via Live Chat software:

  • You are ready to back up your colleagues, so clients can be sure that all issues will be resolved in a professional and timely manner.
  • Your respect your colleagues and customers, and it’s pleasure working with you.
  • Your team is competent and professional. Your company can be trusted.
  • Sounds like you enjoy working with your colleagues. Healthy relations mean healthy company.

    Yes, I really like your company. No matter that mistakes happen. I can see that you are willing to fix them. I can see that your company is responsible and stable. It’s worth doing business with you.

When you talk to customers, always speak positive about your colleagues. Every employee in your company is able to do this. This one simple rule affects customer trust magically.