Things You Need to Know About Your Customers

When you start live chats with your website visitors, are you sure that you know who you are talking to? Do you know what type of customers they are? Then, your Customer Knowledge and your key customer tips will be of help to your business progress.

Customer Knowledge

  • Do they know what they want?
  • Are they looking for something in general?
  • Are they looking for a particular product?
  • How urgent is it?

Answers to these questions determine the topics you are going to discuss with them.

When they do not know what they want, use probing questions that help them better understand their needs. Get to know how urgent the need is.

When they are choosing between several products, ask which brands they are comparing and what their priorities are. Show how your products satisfy their needs.

When they are asking about a particular product, you should be an expert in it (or pass the chat to someone who is the expert). Try to understand what stops the customer from the purchase right now and resolve the doubts.

Get to know at what point of the AIDA scale they are now. AIDA means Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. If your website has not drawn a visitor’s attention, you cannot ask him «Can I help you?» because this question is not able to draw attention either. This question is appropriate at the Desire stage, when you can ask «May I help you to find the products that fit your size» or some other question offering particular help.

At the Action stage use a close-a-deal script and do not get back to any general discussions that are appropriate at the first stages.

Urgency gives you an aim for a particular chat. If a customer is ready to buy, your aim is to close the deal during that chat session. If you fail to do that, you most probably loose a customer to your competitor. If the customer is just searching for the options, your aim is to find out his needs and get his contact information for further actions.

Remember that you can reach your goals with customers only when you find the right words to convince them. And the right words depend on a customer type and your Customer Knowledge.