How Live Chat Can Help Increase Average Order Value

You have a wide range of products in your e-commerce store, you launch a well-designed website and do everything you can to market it. You become successful in gaining some customers and selling a good amount of products each month. However, one day you notice something. The customers buy the same products and in same the amount from you; resulting in the same magnitude of sales per month. This affects what is known as average order value.


This trend of shopping from the e-commerce store makes all your orders average out to the same, low value. It also leads to the same revenue every month. To increase your average order value, measures need to be taken to entice customers to increase and add different things to their orders.

One way to do that is increasing the traffic and ultimately, your sales. However, that is not as  easy as it sounds for an e-commerce store. Customer satisfaction is everything here. If you can’t make long term customers, you can’t see an increase in revenue. One proven way to ensure customer satisfaction while increasing the average order value is the use of live chat for e-commerce software.

Chat features can do wonders in increasing the average order value, as an agent will have direct contact with the customer and that will increase the chances of them being persuaded to check out more stuff on the website and eventually buy it.

According to a study by Forrester, 44% of customers find live chat a very important feature while shopping online. Live chat gets their queries answered immediately. This builds a good level of trust, and that eventually translates to increased sales and average order value.

Cross-selling a product is possible through live chat.

Chat integrations can be effectively used for satisfying the customers. If it is tweaked in a certain manner and the operators are trained, it can lead to increase in revenue. For example, if the customer’s shopping cart has a product that is frequently bought, it will give the live chat agent a good opportunity to cross-sell the related product.

A more valuable product can be upsold.

Another way of increasing average order value is by upselling. Through live chat for e-commerce, the customer must be encouraged to buy additional or more expensive product. This can be put into practice when the shopping cart of a customer contains a product that has somewhat inferior features. The live chat agent can take this opportunity to upsell a product that costs more and is a better alternative in terms of features and specifications.

You can upsell with the incentive of free-shipping.

Let’s take a commonly occurring situation for example that the live chat can lead to increase order value. When the total value of the customer’s cart falls just below the free-shipping threshold, it gives an opportunity to the live chat agent to sell a more valuable product with the incentive of no shipping cost for the customer.

Live chat has been proven to increase sales and acquire great customer satisfaction. Also if used in a more smart and optimised way, it can even increase order value.