Learn About Your Customers Without Surveys

Live chat on a website is one of the most popular ways of communication between e-commerce companies and their website visitors. And for business owners it is also a great source of information about customers and their behavior. That is because unlike phone calls, the chat scripts are all saved in the archive and can be reviewed at any time. It helps know your customers without issuing out customer surveys.

Know your customers without Customer Surveys

Here is what you may learn from your chat archive.

1. The most frequently asked questions.

After you set up canned messages for common questions, you may find out that your website visitors ask different questions. Archive monitoring gives you the chance to keep the scripts updated to the latest customers’ interests.

2. Your customers may want new products or features.

You do not need to take a survey to ask your customers about their interests. The answers are already in your chat archive. Potential customers always ask about the products or features they need, and if you see repeated requests, you might think of having a new offer.

3. The most common difficulties that your customers experience.

If they always ask about the same things, there may be something wrong with your product or services, or information on your website is not full or hard to find. Find and solve the issues that cause those questions to make your customers happier.

4. What your prospect want to know about you.

Chat scripts are a great source of information about your prospects. You can find out the questions they ask before a purchase, and use them for writing promotional texts. You can see which companies they compare you with or between which products they choose.

HelpOnClick live chat features saves all the chats with your website visitors in the archive and keeps them for as long as you use the chat service. If you have not done monitoring before, now it is the right time to start.