Home Office vs at the Office: What do You Choose?

Internet business is very flexible speaking about working space. In many cases, office location is not very important, if an office is needed at all. Today we’ll take a look at pros and cons home office for customer service staff.

home office

Pros for employers. 

  • No need to rent an office or extra office space for the service staff.
  • No need to provide employees with a table, PC and other office stuff.
  • Remote work allows to hire employees from all over the world, balancing between their experience and qualifications and employers’ expenses.
  • For international business it also allows to cover different time zones and provide support around the clock.

Cons for employers.

  • The main disadvantage of remote work is limited control.
  • It is harder to organize team work when employees never or seldom see each other.
  • It can be next to impossible to resolve emergency cases when several employees working in different time zones are involved.
  • Office parties, seminars and other office events can be help very seldom or sometimes never. This can affect employees’ motivation and adherence to company’s values.

Pros for employers.

  • No commute.
  • No one looks over your shoulder.
  • No dress-code.
  • If you have someone at home to take care of, home office can be an ideal solution.

Cons for employees. 

  • Strong self-discipline is a must. Not everyone is able to motivate themselves to work when no one is watching.
  • Lack of communication. There are no colleagues at home to discuss current tasks or chat during a tea break.
  • There are no coworkers to go to lunch with.
  • You cannot take a rest from your office and go home.
  • Family members may cause problems if you do not strictly separate working and off-work hours.

Business owners can decide, wether to hire remote workers , have online operations or not depending on their business structure and on their ability to organize remote work. All pros and cons should be properly weighted. And what is your choice?