The Importance of Connecting with Customers Using Social Media

Social media has gained enormous popularity over the years. Initially used by a group of tech nerds, today the digital platform is being used by every Tom, Dick and Harry. The social media platform is popular among people of all ages, race, nationality, and gender. Whether your target market are baby boomers or millennials, your company should strongly consider social media integration to connect with the customers.

social media integration

A report published by Hubspot found that around 92 percent of the marketers claimed social media integration as important for their business. Around 80 percent of the marketers stated that integration with the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter resulted in increased website traffic.

In this article, we will take a close look some of the benefits of using social media platform to connect with the customers.

Importance of Customer Social Media Integration

1. Real Time Communication

Social media allows instant communication to take place with the customers. The customers will be able to connect with the company’s customer care personnel through the social media channel. Integrating Live chat with social media provides a great opportunity for a company to exchange ideas with the customers and receive immediate feedback. Live communication through the social media channel can allow a company to analyze the trend and make improvements to suit the changing tastes in the marketplace.

2. Cost Effective Online Advertising

Another benefit of social media integration is that it ensures cost effective online advertising. Social media serves as an effective platform to promote the brand and services to the target customers. You can filter customers based on a specified demographic profile. Targeted advertising will help in increasing the customer base in a cost effective manner.

3. Receive Valuable Feedback

Social media serves as an informational powerhouse for the companies. A large amount of data can be gathered from the social media profiles of the customers. You can know the likes, preferences, and feelings of the customers. The valuable feedback will help in improving the customer offering and minimize irate customers.

4. Create Brand Ambassadors

When you have a strong social media presence, you will have a greater chance of ensuring brand loyalty and customer retention.  The social media fans can become the brand ambassadors that will promote the brand to others. A report by The Social Habit found that around 53 percent of social media fans are also loyal brand ambassadors. The online publicity will be free of cost providing great value to the company.

5. Ensure Above Average Customer Service

Social media integration can help in providing exceptional customer service. The social media platform can help in connecting with the customers and increasing the loyal customer base. Companies that engage with the online customers through social media integration see greater financial gains as compared to those that don’t use the digital platform to connect with the customers.

No matter what product or services you sell, proper social media integration can help you improve customer service quality. In this day and age, not having a strong presence on the social media network will spell doom for a company. Customers will switch to companies that are more receptive of their needs. The only loser in this situation will be the company that fails to use social media platform to connect with the customers.