How Can CTI Increase Customer Service Satisfaction?

Online customer service is the main avenue for providing an enhanced customer service experience. Services such as website chat integration and social media support are essential for improved customer service.

6 Tips for Creating an Effective Customer Service Evaluation Survey

Customer surveys can be used to find out what has and hasn’t worked well for your customers. These questionnaires can be used to find out whether customers are satisfied overall with products and services offered by the company.

5 Exceptional Ideas For Customer Service Via Social Media

Exceptional customer service is not optional anymore. You need to go the extra mile to delight clients and prospective leads through customer service via social media. One of the most popular platforms that can help in delighting customers is Facebook, with about 2.2 billion active users all over the world, companies cannot ignore Facebook.

5 Tips for Using SMS Customer Service Platform

Customer service is one of the top priorities for a business today. Customer service can be a significant differentiator that can distinguish a company from the competition. In the increasingly homogenous market, companies that focus on improved customer service can win the heart (and wallet) of customers.

5 CRM Tips for E-Commerce Businesses

Whether you are an online financial company or a grocery store, focusing on customer relationships is essential for online success. However, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers, most online companies don’t have a successful customer relationship strategy.

Why Efforts to Improve Customer Service Skills Are An Investment, Not a Cost

Most companies have two main departments — profit centers and cost centers. Customer service is often categorized as a cost center since business owners presume that it doesn’t bring any cash to the table.

Understanding The Psychology Behind Customer Service

Focusing on improved customer service is important to the success of any business. One highly effective way to improve customer service is through the application of psychology.

How to Design Effective Customer Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are used to measure customer satisfaction levels. They gauge how a customer feels about the product and services of a company. A customer survey can also be used to segment customers based on satisfaction levels.

How to Use Instagram for Improved Customer Experience

People use Instagram to be informed and entertained at the same time. The relevance of the photo-sharing site for businesses can be realized from the fact that nearly 60 percent of people had stated that they discover products online.

Saying No to Customers Without Making Them Angry

Most people don’t like to hear the word “No.” One of the byproducts of hearing “no” is that it often leads to having lengthy conversations. These conversations tend to drag on for hours that result in escalations and angry situations.

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