Avoid Being an Average Joe and Become a Customer Service Rockstar

Customer service has become increasingly complex today. However, it still is an important component of a business success. Customers today expect effective, easy, and personalized service. And offering them exactly what they want is the perfect receipt to becoming a customer service rock star.

5 Customer Service Trends You Should Not Ignore in 2017

No company can achieve high profitability today without focusing on improving the customer service. Every year new studies suggest the importance of customer experience in achieving business success. This is a fact that has been realized by most businesses today as Forrester found above 72 percent consider customers service as their top priority.

How to Ace Customer Service in the Digital Age

Customer service expectations have increased in recent times. Most of the customers are looking for a seamless customer service experience. Increasingly they are looking for personalized customer service that not just satisfies but amazes.

The Importance of Connecting with Customers Using Social Media

Social media has gained enormous popularity over the years. Initially used by a group of tech nerds, today the digital platform is being used by every Tom, Dick and Harry. The social media platform is popular among people of all ages, race, nationality, and gender. Whether your target market are baby boomers or millennials, your company should strongly consider social media integration to connect with the customers.

5 Tips to Develop a Customer Focused Culture

Corporate businesses increasingly need to adopt a customer focused culture to ensure that they remain a cut above their competitors. In today’s cut throat competitive environment, price and product features alone won’t make a company achieve differentiation.

How to Turn Your Disappointed Customers into Loyal Customers

Customer’s service demands are ever-increasing. They have become dynamic, and meeting them requires adopting a customer focused approach. This is necessary if a firm wants to sustain and improve business growth.

Live Chat Software or a Traditional Phone Support – Which is Better?

Customer service has become the increased focus of domain across all business verticals. Organizations—small and large, both are increasingly acknowledging customer service as the primary differentiator between competitors.

How Live Chat Software Can Help Banking Sector to Improve its Services

The banking sector has always been one of the early adopters of digital and technological solutions. Organizations operating in the sector continue to leverage the benefits of technology—be it digital signatures, online banking, mobile banking or ATM facility—to help improve the services offered to their clients.

How Help Desk Software Can Assist Pharmaceuticals in their Operations

The manufacturing department of a pharmaceutical organization needs to be interconnected with other departments for the production process to remain streamlined. For example:

  • It needs to work closely with the quality control department to ensure that the manufactured product complies with production standards.
  • It needs to work closely with the procurement and warehousing department to ensure that the raw materials are available in the stock for the batch to be processed.

How Can Hospitality Industry Leverage Benefits of Live Chat Software

Over the past few years, active social media interactions have been the primary focus of hospitality businesses having an online presence. It is a strategy that has allowed them to provide improved customer support services to their clients, all the while serving as a productive marketing move. 

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