Viral Loops, Customer Service, Growth Hacking – How Are They Connected?

Every business whether it is a startup or an enterprise is a system. When a part of a system does not work, the whole system fails. You may have already heard about correlation between viral loops and growth hacking. Let’s see why we should also consider customer service in this system.

Why travel Agencies Must Have Live Chat on Their Websites

Travel agencies have become less popular nowadays because everyone can easily buy a ticket and book a hotel on the Internet within a few minutes. Still some agencies are still alive because of one type of customers. Those who are looking for personal service.

Do CEOs Care Enough About Customer Service Culture?

Customer service culture is something that cannot be set up once and stay forever, it grows and changes with your business. It cannot be built within one department, everyone in the company should be involved. It cannot come from frontline employees, it should be supported by top management. Do you care enough about customer service culture in your company? 

15 Customer Service Quotes That Will Keep You Motivated

Customer service job is hard and stressful. Even if you love your job, sometimes you have hard time at work. These customer service quotes will help you keep motivated and remind you that your job is important and valued. 

Easy Ways to Motivate Employees at Work

Motivation at work strongly affects employees performance.

According to Gallup research, only 13% of employees worldwide are actively engaged in their job. For the USA and Canada the number does not look more promising – only 29% of employees are engaged. What does this mean for business owners? Most of the employees are ineffective at work because of the lack of motivation.

8 Don’ts in Listening to Customers

Nothing annoys customers more than a customer service representative who does not listen. Some people are good listeners by nature, but most need to learn the basics. Here are 8 don’ts in listening to customers that every person must know before applying to a customer service job. 

Don’t Underestimate Your Clients’ Role in Your Business Growth

Clients are not only the source of financial success of a company, but also the source of the most valuable information. Business growth is built on information, and we should not underestimate the role of clients in the information flow.

Top 5 Articles About Web Design Trends for 2017

If you plan to update your website design or create a new website this year, you must be aware of the web design trends for 2017. The following articles will help you learn how to create an up-to-date website.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate With Live Chat

An average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate is close to 70%. Part of it is natural abandonment which happens when customers search for products, compare prices and save for later. Another part reveals problems on your website or in customer service.

7 Basic Rules for Customer Service Chat Operators

Everyone in the modern world knows how to chat online. Still not everyone can work as a customer service chat operator. Professional communication differs from any personal chat. Here are some rules that will help you sound professional when chatting with clients.

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