Why Social Customer Service is Bad For Your Business

Social customer service seems to be an essential part of customer experience management today. You may have heard multiple times, that you have to monitor social media regularly, and respond to the issues quickly. When customers complain on Facebook or Twitter, the whole world knows about the issues. If you do nor react on time, complaints will ruin your reputation.

Checklist: Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

You have been working hard for the whole year and now it is time for the final spurt. Holiday season is the time for huge holiday sales, for enhancing your relationship with your partners and employees. There is a lot to do in the next few weeks. Take this checklist not to forget something important.

Meet Our New Feature: Co-browsing

We are happy to introduce you our new feature – co-browsing. Co-browsing is a browser sharing tool that helps you assist your customers even more easily and effectively.

Ethics in Customer Service: How It Makes a Customer Trust You

Everybody makes mistakes. We are used to sort out our own faults, but sometimes we have to deal with our colleagues’ mistakes. Customer trust can be based on how good you are in troubleshooting. Do you know how it can affect customer trust when you sound positive or negative about your colleague when you talk to an affected customer? Do you know how you usually sound? 

Starting a Business: What Goes First?

What is the main difference between a successful company and a company that goes broke? Apparently, the second one does not have clients.

HelpOnClick Acquired Repuso

We are happy to announce that HelpOnClick recently acquired Repusoa great online tool that will help you build trust with your clients and increase sales.

New Android App for HelpOnClick Live Chat is Available on Google Play

We are happy to introduce you our brand new chat application for Android phones and tablets. New design and new features are intended for enjoyable and comfortable communication with your website visitors.

“A Man Without a Smiling Face Must Not Open a Shop”

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”. This Chinese proverb reminds us of the basics of customer service. Positive customer experience is impossible without friendly and helpful staff. What else should you remember when you are about to open a shop?

More Meanings of the Word “Expensive”

What does it mean when your customers say “It is expensive”? In the article What the Word “Expensive” Means to Your Customers we have already uncovered some of the meanings. Today let’s see what other meanings the phrase may have.

What the Word “Expensive” Means to Your Customers

One of the most difficult customer objections to deal with is “It is expensive”. What stands for the word “expensive”? It turns out that the word has lots of meanings, and sales people need to understand what customers mean in every particular situation, and deal with the objection accordingly.

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