4 Challenges to Overcome when Using Chat Service for Website Customer Support

Using chat-based website customer support is the new norm, but not offering quality support is still a major challenge. Most businesses make the assumption that just because they have a chat service for their website, they can expect their consumers to be happy.

Qualities of Good Live Chat Systems You Should Look For

When it comes to live chat systems, you will find a lot of options. Just a simple search will give you 10 to 20 results with ease. However, not all systems are made equal and it’s a good idea to do some prior research. 

3 Things You Need to Do When Using Chat Service for Website Customer Service

When you’re using chat service for website customer service, it is very important that you avoid becoming complacent. Don’t just install the software and assume that everything will be alright. A lot of the benefits you get come from proper utilization. If you don’t know how to use it properly, you won’t see many benefits from using chat service for website customer service.

Avoiding Live Chat Fails: Ways You Can Disaster-Proof Your Website Live Chat

Before you set high hopes from the live chat feature on your website, think of what could go wrong that might result in bad customer experiences and a low ROI on your website chat integration. Apart from system errors, there are a number of things that are actually manual errors and negligence on the agents’ or the businesses’ sides that cause live chats to fail.  

4 Signs You Need to Start Using Live Chat Software for Your Business

Many businesses function under the assumption that they don’t need to use live chat software for their business. Sure it’s a step into the future but does your customer support really need additional software to function properly? To be honest, yes it does. Using live chat software is not only a step into the future; it’s going in the right direction. 

Are Live Chats Really Important and Fruitful?

Among all the things that technological advancement has brought to businesses around the world over the past few years, live chat feature is one of the most notable ones. What further adds to the charm of website live integration is that it NOW has no limitations for small and new businesses.

How to Effectively Customize Website Chat Support

Future trends for marketing and buyer behavior all point to one major factor – customization. This relates to the service, the shopping experience and more. Customers want to feel like they are special and unique. Most will go out of their

5 Facts that Show Just Why Live Chat Systems Are So Popular Right Now

Live chat systems have been around for decades now but there is still a huge disparity between the number of businesses that use it and the ones that don’t. Many businesses have usually dismissed live chat as a trend or an unnecessary tool. If something’s not broken, they don’t see the need to fix it.

4 Simple Tips to Help You Use Your Live Chat Software Effectively

If you’re using live chat software for customer support, you know your team has a lot of pressure to be fast. With an average response time of 45 seconds, it is a given that consumers who approach businesses through live chat are looking for a fast solution.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Virtual Agent with Your Live Chat Software

Most businesses usually pick between virtual agents and live chat software. While budget constraints may often make this choice necessary, this is not always the case. Using a virtual agent with your live chat software can make a marked difference in your overall customer services.

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