Instant Messaging vs Live Chat: Is There Any Difference?

Most people when they hear the words live chat systems they think of the instant messaging websites such as Google+, Yahoo messenger, or Facebook. While these websites are also live chat platforms, they are not website support chat systems.

Boost Sales with Live Chat Service Online

Chat live help software can give a leg up to your company against the competitors. A live chat service online will increase the chances of converting buyers and probably upsell them. You will be able to tap into the customer base and provide exceptional in-store customer experience.

Live Chat System and Customer Bonds

Chances are that you are reading this post because you are still not convinced about why you should integrate help chat software into your website. If so, you are not the only one who feels this way. Being a relatively new communication technology, most people are still not aware how they can benefit from live chat system integration.

Help Chat Software Best Practices

Virtual live chat software can help in improving customer service. A study by eMarketer had found that around 38 percent of online purchases are influenced by a live chat session.

Live Chat Online & Why You Should Use It

Online channels are providing today’s businesses the leverage they need for in-depth insight into their customers. Business owners know that a complete online customer experience is the key to customer satisfaction and maintaining brand loyalty.

How to Use An Email Marketing Campaign

Almost 95% of companies that automate their marketing efforts, use an email marketing campaign regularly. That is understandable if you think about it. A solid email marketing strategy is essential for any business that wishes to improve its customer base and tap into hidden markets at the same time.

Website Analytics and the Benefits

Launching a website without the intention to monitor its traffic is a futile attempt at marketing. Using website analytics to monitor site visitors and their on-page activities is tantamount to business success. The information can help you drive business with custom marketing campaigns but that will depend on your efforts.

Live Chat Integration with CRM – The benefits you don’t see

A company that does not have a knowledge base is failing to prosper. If you own an ecommerce website connected to social media accounts, you have a resource to collect that data and channel it into your marketing mix. Add live chat into the mix and you have an information conduit that will never run dry.

5 Tips for More Meaningful Customer Service Team Collaboration

Customer service collaboration is important for quality and consistent customer service. You need to make sure that the customer service team have a sense of unity, enthusiasm and share the responsibilities and interests that are required for a flawless customer service.

What exactly is Contextual Customer Service?

Contextual customer service is the latest buzzword for customer service reps and it’s. emerging as a key customer service differentiator that can help companies to better serve their customers.

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