New HelpOnClick Update – Operator Picture in the Widget

As we may have already accustomed you all with constant improvements to the HelpOnClick Live Chat Software, after the great Chat via SMS Feature, we are now proud to announce a software update, with a new enhancement like operator picture included.

You can now build even more trust for your visitors, by adding the Operator picture within the Chat Widget.

This feature will make your website visitors feel more comfortable while chatting with one of your operators.

This improvement adds a more personal approach and will significantly increase the amount of visitors that become your customers.

Here’s a snapshot of how it looks:

Operator picture - HelpOnClick

The image will show in the widget when an operator picks up an incoming chat, but also when an operator personally invites a visitor to chat.

Additionally, your operator picture will also be shown if a visitor chats through the expanded chat window, just like below:

Operator picture chat window - HelpOnClick


How to set up an operator picture within the Chat widget?

It’s easy. Each operator can upload his/her own image under the “Settings” tab. This will override the default image.

Operator picture setup - HelpOnClick

You can also find this guide into our Help Section

Do you have questions, suggestions or feedback? We would appreciate if you would Contact our team and let us know what you think. You can also post a comment below and express your thoughts on this new feature.