“A Man Without a Smiling Face Must Not Open a Shop”

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop”. This Chinese proverb reminds us of the basics of customer service. Positive customer experience is impossible without friendly and helpful staff. What else should you remember when you are about to open a shop?

open a shop

There is no room for mistakes in customer service.

When you open a shop, your main challenge is to attract customers. The first experience, the first impression of your first customers may determine the future of your shop. There is a chance that you provide some unique products that all customers want, at the lowest price, so that customer service does not really matter to customers. But in the most cases when you open a shop you need to “steal” customers from your competitors. This is why providing WOW customer service is so important in the very beginning.

Ask questions and listen to your customers.

The most valuable information for running your shop you may learn from your customers. Pay attention at what they like and what they don’t like. Care about their interests and requests. Ask for their opinion about your shop, ask what they like about your competitors. If you are really interested in you customers’ opinion, the information will allow you to direct your business down the road of success.

Be grateful to your customers.

Appreciate your customers for having interest in your products, for their opinion, for their advice. When customers feel appreciated, they are more likely to continue shopping at your place.

Be ready for quick actions.

There is always a chance that something will go wrong. When you open a new shop, there are even more chances for that. To stay afloat be ready for quick decisions and quick changes. If any issues arise, try to resolve them as soon as possible. Do not be afraid of bringing apologies to your customers to fix bad experience. Customers not only appreciate flawless customer service, but also the way you resolve issues.

It is easy to open a shop but gaining customers’ love and loyalty is a hard everyday job. You must love your customers to have their love in return.

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