Why is Live Chat Essential For Online Businesses?

In the golden age of the internet, all businesses should consider having an online presence. But online presence comes with great responsibility such as integrating live chats solutions in your customer service delivery.

People want what they want now. If you are not in a position to provide answers to your customers immediately. They move on.

With the vast number of online websites, it is getting more and more challenging to keep up or to get ahead of the competition, but there is one place where you can always win if you make an effort, the customers.

And one way you can entice and keep customers happy and coming back is to have a customer service presence. A customer service presence that not only helps you to answer queries but also lets them open up to you. 

A great way of doing this is by having a live chat for your business.

But is it really worth it? 

Let’s find out by looking at some of its benefits.

Live chats communication

With Live Chats, You snooze you lose

When you have a brick and mortar establishment, chances are, the customers will use extra effort to get to the competitor. 

When you are online, you do not have the luxury to be lax. If someone comes to your website, asks a question and does not get an answer, all they do is click a button, and they are on your customer’s site.

A live chat enables you to be somewhat “omnipresent.” You can have virtual agents to work when there are no employees in the office. 

Most people forget that having happy employees is also a way of keeping customers happy. The employees want to be with their families over holidays and weekends and making them work to keep the business afloat is counterproductive.

But now with live chats you do not have to keep everyone there, you can have a virtual agents to help out with the questions making your business a place where people want to work which customers also care about.

Live Chats help you Cut costs

The main aim of business besides providing quality service is to turn a profit. And one of the best ways to ensure there is a profit is by minimizing costs.

Companies have been using phone services to answer customer queries for ages, and honestly, phone calls are not the most cost effective way of communication as compared to live chat communication.

First of all, when using phones, you can only have one person dealing with one customer. This means that for you to get maximum results, you should hire a trove of workers and possibly overwork them.

Live chats, on the other hand, would also be

With Live Chats, You can build customer loyalty

You know that if you do not have customers, you do not have a business. And to stay in business, you have to keep your current customers happy.

The thing about the customers you have is that they are the most significant marketing tool. It doesn’t matter how much marketing you do on your own; if nobody else is talking about you, you won’t go very far.

But how do you build loyal customers?


You need to satisfy them. 

According to the digital Customer Service, Benchmark survey of 2000 live chats has the highest rate of customer satisfaction.

They found that 44% of customers were satisfied by phone customer service. Email support gave 62% of customers satisfaction and live chat came in at first satisfying more than 70% of the customers.

The numbers do not lie.

Live Chats help improve customer experience on your website

Have you ever gone on a website and for some reason you cannot find something? Its right there but you can’t see it.

If you haven’t, I am sure some of your customers do. Kind of like you get into a grocery store, and you cannot see the soap, and when the attend points it out, you cannot figure out how you missed it.

You get the point right?

This is where a chat comes in. Some people will give up after a few seconds put if your chat pop-up appears, they can get help and stay on the website longer.

A live chat also helps customers get more information about products and services before purchasing. 

The things is…

When people are reading product descriptions, they sometimes get information wrong. Or sometimes they get them mixed up. 

It is for this reason that sometimes you will see companies answering bad reviews on their products and services by clearing the air.

The only issue here is that there are probably prospective clients who have already read the review and have changed their mind about purchasing anything from you.

 Having a live chat on your website can go a long way in helping you to avoid such a situation. 

Consider this, according to a study by Forrester Research, about 44% of customers say that speaking to someone on chat before a purchase was influential to their decision to purchase.

Final thoughts

 The internet has brought us so many things, and online businesses have made clients more self-aware. They no longer have to come to you because you are the only one offering the service on their streets. 

There are so many options.

Online businesses have created an environment where you are now competing with international companies. The world is now a global business, and if you do not pull all the stops, you are likely to lose big.

Live chats are revolutionizing businesses by helping them to connect more to their customers. They can interact and find solutions to their problems faster because it is easier to ask.

They allow you to work from anywhere as long as you have a computer or a mobile device. This is a great stride.

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