Keeping an Eye on the Future of Live Chat Systems

Over the years, the improvements in AI have led to it becoming a central part of many business functions. For most businesses, this usage is limited to their live chat systems, which make use of AI to increase engagement, help with conversion and boost sales. I this post, let’s discuss the future of live chat systems.

The good news here is that as the use of such software has increased, more businesses and consumers are seeing the benefits that they have to offer.

tracing the future of live chat systems

This is the reason why you should no longer consider the use of live chat systems as just a passing fad or a trend. While it might have started out as one, the tangible benefits that a business can get from this system have led to its widespread usage. In fact, live chat systems are considered to play a bigger role in 2020, with expected growth coming up to 87%. It looks like the live chat future is bright. In the coming 2020, there will also be many different trends as to how businesses will try and increase their conversion rates, for example reading this source into the 10 ways on how businesses are looking to increase conversions could also help your business.

It’s not just the growth factor that shows that the future of live chat systems is secure. The following are other key areas that show that more businesses will make use of this software and there is a tangible demand for this product:

Key Indicators That the Live Chat Future is secure.

Consumers Expect It

More and more consumers expect the businesses they work with to have live chat systems and other software programs that improve the consumer buying experience. With the highest satisfaction rate of 92% and the fastest response time, it is easy to see why they prefer it. Additionally, for many users, the software plays a big role in their buying decision.

In fact, around 42% of consumers also prefer live chat systems over other modes of customer help. Most don’t bother to shop with a business that doesn’t have any live chat option for them. Around 53% of consumers prefer to use live chat than call on the helpline. Moreover, the longer they have to wait, the more likely they are to be angry and disgruntled.

Better Accessibility

Many businesses don’t think about the accessibility factor that live chat systems have to offer. Around 92% of all users make use of live chat on a mobile device, and a majority of the target market makes use of mobile devices for shopping, browsing and more.

This factor also means that these consumers are expecting swift responses, and live chat happens to have the fastest one. This is a major reason why it has a high satisfaction rate, coming in at 73%. In comparison, email has a satisfaction rate of 61%, whereas using the phone has a rate of only 41%. This also highlights the fact that consumers want faster, better customer services, and live chat systems offer this.

The Results are Tangible

Apart from improving customer satisfaction, live chat also tends to improve the business by boosting sales. It also has a higher conversion rate, improves website engagement and ensures that you don’t miss out on any leads. It’s also interesting to note that consumers who used the live chat system prior to making a purchase were 10% more likely to place a larger order-another great indicator of the future of live chat being promising.

Remember that you also have to make sure that you’re using the right software that gives you all these results and more.