Business Contact Platforms your Customers can use to Contact you

You work so hard in ensuring that your customers are provided with high – quality products. Providing quality products and services via an accessible business contact platforms builds your company’s reputation and maintains your customer’s loyalty.

There’s absolutely no doubt about this.


Customer service is the most important of all, in as much you are focused on providing high quality products, it all results to nothing if the customer is not well taken take off. 

If the customer feel you are not providing good services to them, they will definitely look for a business that cares for their needs. 

This is why you should always have your customers as your number one priority. Engaging with your customers ensure that you get to know how to treat them right.

On your journey to success, it is good to ensure that you are available to your customers. Customer’s feed is very important in decision making because you are able to know what should be adjusted to ensure customers are satisfied. 

You need to have a platform in which your customers can reach you. Being available as and when required by your customers is a great way to represent your brand.

Here are some ways that will ensure you are accessible to your customers.

Contact number

A contact number for your business can be on your packages, business cards or even on your website. 

Having a contact number shows that you are confident about your products and services. Customers can call in to give feedback and clarifications on the product.

various business contact platforms


Facebook pages serves as business contact platforms in which your customers can reach you. On the Facebook page, they can post queries and suggestions. Responding to your customer queries puts you ahead in customer service.

Always ensure that you correct the comments on Facebook to avoid any grammatical and spelling errors. This will ensure that everybody who logs in get a good picture of your brand.

Live chat Solutions

Creating a live chat on your website makes it easier for customers to reach you. Customers are able to interact with agents at any time and very instantly.

Its gives customers the comfort knowing that their questions can be answered at any time.


Twitter allows your customers to follow you, comment and ask questions online at any time.

You are only required to respond to the tweets in good time. To make this more effective, you can hire someone to manage the twitter account.

Personal emails

You can avail your personal email to your customers. Interacting with customers on a personal level is a good way of developing interesting conversation and building trust.

When customers enjoy privacy, they can easily share everything even the most personal information without fear of the information getting into social media.

Suggestion boxes

Installing suggestion boxes at your office location is also a way of making sure that you keep contact with your customers. 

They can always leave comments on the boxes. The positive comments will help you make better services while the critics will help you improve on the areas you’re lacking. 

Face to face interaction as one of the business contact platforms.

In as much as you are busy trying to keep your organization’s productivity high. It is good to create time when you are available to talk to customers on a face to face basis.

This shows that you actually care about your clients and that you value and appreciate them. Customers are more comfortable when they know the people behind a successful brand.


Once in a while an organization may have forums where customers interact with the company’s staff. 

The goal of this forum is to create a platform in which an organization can make any announcements concerning their brand, present new products and take time to explain on the usage and importance of the product.

Customers can ask questions and get answers during the question and answer segment. This ensures total understanding of the company’s product.

Keeping communication open with your customers is very important. Customers need to be updated on any changes in the company’s brand so as to make informed decisions.

Above are various business contact platforms customers can use to reach the management in an organization. Being available to your customers builds a positive attitude to your customers. Knowing that they are always sorted never they have an issue makes them feel comfortable associating with your organization.