Integrating Live Chat Successfully with Your Website

Live chat integrations into your website have become an integral part of responsive and effective customer service. Your customers today desire quick responses, real soon, real fast. Previously, they may have preferred letters, emails and calls, but that is no longer the case. Chat systems are the new focus as they save time and enable multitasking.

A study claims that live chat software for your website is among the top three most preferred communication methods for businesses worldwide— the other two being email and telephone.

live chat integrations on website

But while live chat integrations for website may be popular, many businesses don’t use it as effectively as they should. Keep in mind that a chat system doesn’t only allow you to communicate and connect with customers, but it also paves the way for lead generation and lowers the costs involved. How is that possible? Let’s review the key steps which you must take for successful live chat integrations for your website.

Procedure for successful live chat integrations for your website.

Designing the Chat Box

The first step entails designing the chatbox. Box designing may appear to be insignificant, but it is one of the most important aspects of chat software for your website. Align the design with your branding and overall website theme. If it’s inconsistent, it may confuse customers. So spend time and come up with an attractive chat interface.

A little tip: Do attach a photo of an attractive rep next to the box… it can work wonders, garnering instant attention.

Setting up the Sales Funnel

Before generating leads through live chat systems, you must know and understand how a sales funnel works. The goal is to convert leads into paying customers by enriching them with the desired information and offers at different stages of the funnel. Whether you’re offering a product or service it’s important to have a ‘pulling’ factors in your funnel (a way to attract customers to buy). If your funnel isn’t working very well, or you feel as if it’s lacking something, you may want to check out these free clickfunnels templates to help you implement a live-chat system that could be used as a lead magnet, directing clients to the next stage.

Training the Team

Your customer service team has an important part to play in generating higher satisfaction levels, so do invest time and effort in training them. And this training shouldn’t be just a one-time thing; in fact, it should be a continuous process. Your customer service reps should be able to analyze customer behavior and stay abreast with current market trends.

Conversing for Conversions

The people in your sales funnel should be welcomed and engaged as you help them transit from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Live chat is a valuable medium for doing so because it offers quicker responses and greater interaction levels with customers. Moreover, the platform is engaging and can be used for enticing potential customers with personalized offers that build trust. Live chat systems can also be used for up selling and cross selling. These valuable and meaningful conversations nurture long term relationships, ensuring that your business holds onto its customers.

Measuring KPIs

If you don’t measure, you won’t improve. So keep an eye on key performance metrics.

Live chat systems offer you the ability to engage customers, provide them with a positive experience and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors. However, all these benefits are only possible if they are implemented properly.