The QRS Complex of Live Chat Software

A Live Chat Software Support currently leads the present technological trend in the verticals of business support solutions. It helps improve lead conversion rates, it helps improve customer online shopping experience, it helps increase the average order value and it helps improve sales.

The good news is, there are many live chat software solutions available in the market that can be easily integrated with existing operational models.

The bad news is, not every available solution is reliable and dependable if you want to stabilize the dwindling sales, the increased visitor churn.

QRS complex of Live Chat Software Support

A live chat software needs to have some essential features to support your business model and strategy. These features form the QRS complex of a Live Chat Software Support and they are as follows:

Features that Forms the QRS Complex of a Live Chat Software Support

A Web Based Solution

A web based live chat software solution offers flexibility in terms of deployment and caters to the future scalability needs of a business. Most of the vendors will send you an HTML code, when you purchase the web based live chat software and this code can be copied and pasted in the footer of a website for integration. You can add live chat widgets on specific web pages if you want. You can integrate the solution with multiple websites. A web based solution also allows your operators to access the live chat tool from any machine and from any device. 

An Offline Customer Support

For a live chat software solution, it is important that it comes equipped with an offline customer support feature. This would allow your customers to drop in a text message if your agents are offline, alerting them to their online presence. They can then conveniently click on the message and connect with your customers, promptly facilitating them in the process.

Automation of Pre-Determined Responses

Many of your customers at times have same queries and identical needs. And, they want a quick solution to their problems. As such, your customer support representative cannot afford to deliver a delayed response. This is where canned responses help a business to facilitate their clients promptly.

By having a pre-determined response feature in your live chat software, an agent can store the repetitive information and automate their delivery to the customers. This prevents the customer support representative from repeatedly typing the same information, hence, speeding up the process of customer facilitation.

Omni Platform Compatibility

A live chat software should offer omni-platform compatibility as it allows your customers and employees to establish an interactive conversation from any electronic platform—be it mobile, tablet or desktop, through any browser and via any operating system.

Monitoring, Reporting and Cross Software Integration

There is no point in investing in a business solution that does not allow you to visualize and analyze the essential metrics to help evaluate your ROI and assist you in improving the process. Same applies to a live chat solution.

  • You need a live chat software solution that allows you to monitor your website traffic in real time – helping you to determine the visitor’s location, website navigation pattern and the total time spent on a website.
  • You want an embedded reporting tool that allows you to assess the performance of your customer support representatives and the overall performance of the service system.
  • You need a live chat software that allows integration with analytical tools like Google Analytics to help you build a buyer’s persona.

By making sure that the live chat software is equipped with these aforementioned essential features, you can significantly improve the customer facilitation process and establish a channel of monetary gains for your business.